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  1. when it comes to server settings they have no need for Korea's approval, since they statet that befor, only fix that need change to the game.
  2. Medusa Augment - BUG

    well if u know the person having it, u can just bring pk toons whit u. it will work to a point, only when mass ppl have it, then it be impossible to stop.
  3. Incoming siege absurds

    I rmember that from skelth, golems was mass killing everybody, just have 2 or 3 of them in door way and very few come though. ppl where pissed
  4. WTF is wrong with servers again?

    I have never had dc more then maybe 1 or 2 times since server startet.
  5. Server crash?

    I find places to xp just fine, so many see bots but I havent seen many, BUT I do wana say I'm not super high lvl and I havent been to the high lvl group spots. So I might see it in the furture
  6. TI is fine almost between 4-5k ppl logged in general.
  7. Server crash?

    come on, u crying for lost 4 % ?? this is L2 u playing this is expectet
  8. well seen as Alot off ppl are logged in and me also just logged in np, maybe its in your end ? unless only Ti server is up, and rest is down
  9. Lineage II with LTE

    I think they will likely look at it and say this is wired, normal person dont change ip that offen. But if they ban for it I dont know.
  10. Lol can't pvp due to losing xp, ??? This is L2, if u lose nothing during pvp why pvp at all. thats the whole point to do pvp. Btw I'm a solo player too.
  11. PK item drop

    if u white and died from mobs no matter how many pk u got u wont drop Items IF u drop items it's beause u have karma and is red whit 5 pks
  12. Spoil guide?

    I know few good spot where u can still spoil whit decent chance up too lvl 30 and it's not only the mob outside Dion. there is other places.
  13. VIP drop bonus in party

    I rember ppl posting about why ppl whit below vip 4 was gonna struggle to find party. was beause if u took one in u had less chance. so maybe u are right. A test of sort whould be good, but yeah impossibe to test. the Limit is 50% though no matter what.
  14. VIP drop bonus in party

    not if it it's based of who does last hit though.
  15. @Hime Problem is u taking sooo long, ppl get tired of waiting months and when u then do try to fix something u dont do it 100% correct. Things need to be done faster and u need to listen to ppl about where to adjust. u only listen 50% and therefor did only part of things ppl want u to look at.