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  1. Is the game worth playing now?

    Yup This is nothing like classic and from the start hardly was. So yeah if u like surprises and dont expect assist from GM's then this is the game for u.
  2. Sry I have been logged in for hours, almost days whit my toon either fishing or stading in the hunting ground doing nothing, I have never had 1 d/c since I startet the game.
  3. well maybe but still atlest they could answer our questions right ?
  4. Admin's wake up

    @Juji @Hime Any chance u can comment on this. we really need u guys to start answer some of the many question, or yet better need some action from u guys.
  5. u guys should really focus on what players want insted of adding all this that has nothing to du about classic server
  6. Transformation System

    @Juji Where is the classic part in this ????? Jesus I dont get u guys over there.
  7. My teleport - Toi floor 10 / 11

    @Juji Can u answer this, ask statet by Dagg, a spot u can summon too, yet same spot u can't save as my teleport spot ??? This makes no sense at all if it's working as intended.
  8. So I have tryed to save a spot in TOI on floor 10 / 11/ 12 but whit no luck. Is it by design that can't do it or is it a error ??? I have marked a spot on toi floor 7 np there. but not the higher @Hime @Juji
  9. Soulshot C recipe

    So does that mean that all shots u have atm say 1000 a grade 10000 b grade will be converet to u have 11000 shots after the update ??? @Juji
  10. party lvl exp penalty removed

    I guess they did it so the ppl can get xp from the raid cake. els due to lvl diff not all can get it.
  11. Raid Icon on map

    @Juji Any update on this matter ?
  12. @Juji Are u gonna fix the raid Icons soon ?? most lvl 70+ are not where they are indicatet on the map ???
  13. Raid Icon on map

    Ok did not know that. However i have postet this days ago and first now a respond. However not a answer to my question. Why cant u look Into it and answer? I dont expect u too fix it, beause i Know u cant. I am a player and i only make u aware of a problem. U say each and every time too post om forum. Insted of sending a Ticket. Now Will u get back to me whit a answer ?
  14. Im GMT +1 and for me it starts 19:00 to 22:00 and Again 03:00 to 06:00 and it repeat.
  15. So when are u gonna fix and get the Icon right on the map for all the raids ?? Like a answer plx @Juji @Hime