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  1. Can You all understand...

    agreed, they can do alot and likely more then we know. But they Just dont wana do it
  2. real or not, I'm not starting over on any nc west servers
  3. adena drop

    not good. need to be somewhat fixed
  4. Rollback

  5. I rember but still it seems better then what we have now sry.
  6. Boycott the L2store PLEASE.

    This is why I stopped on live server, u get to a point where u can't keep up and ppl just buy and buy. when I was going to siege I get 1 shottet despite how much defends I got. Items in the shop became a must to have and if u did not. Well then no point in playing.
  7. Baiums Mystery Box Event

    I got 8 boxes Got: 1 mid grade life stone 1 stews 1 EAA 1 Improved enchant armor A 2 EAC 1 EWC was decent but not worth for me to use more money on.
  8. when it comes to server settings they have no need for Korea's approval, since they statet that befor, only fix that need change to the game.
  9. Medusa Augment - BUG

    well if u know the person having it, u can just bring pk toons whit u. it will work to a point, only when mass ppl have it, then it be impossible to stop.
  10. Incoming siege absurds

    I rmember that from skelth, golems was mass killing everybody, just have 2 or 3 of them in door way and very few come though. ppl where pissed
  11. WTF is wrong with servers again?

    I have never had dc more then maybe 1 or 2 times since server startet.
  12. Server crash?

    I find places to xp just fine, so many see bots but I havent seen many, BUT I do wana say I'm not super high lvl and I havent been to the high lvl group spots. So I might see it in the furture
  13. TI is fine almost between 4-5k ppl logged in general.
  14. Server crash?

    come on, u crying for lost 4 % ?? this is L2 u playing this is expectet