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  1. I got to write a post about this, beause we need as many players to post as possible, we are not many as it was in the past so our voice should have more of a impact and u guys at NCSOFT should really listen. @Juji Sadly this is a fact u have ignored and update after update u have done what ppl said u should NOT do, last u did was this patch witch u KNEW ppl disliked, U may not alot too say, but I do know like any company u want money. So doing what u have been doing makes no sense. For the god sake, wake up befor u go down a path witch there is no way to get back from !!!!
  2. Giran (GMT+1) – 11:00 PM That is also a wired timing though, as Giran timezone is set for EU time, that will make oly at 11 in the evening witch is where u go to sleep if u got work in the morning. @Hime @Juji U guys need to recheck the times to fit the players playing on the server better, u guys making mistake after mistake, Dont do yet another buy keeping this.
  3. U will never get any comment from @Hime of @Juji on the forum about this matter. And u will allways get a auto replay from support. I go no clue why it is as it is, It could be something about new acc getting sudden vip 5-7 like whitin hours of acc being made or to the thing where ppl use money to buy Nc coins from other places that is a problem. nonetheless expect no replay from them.
  4. It can be done, but I agree none have been able so far, though some privat server have been running for years so I belive there is a way. just have not been found yet.
  5. Well possibe if u use bot and play tons of hours a day. For the normal player that have a life not possible. du to the fact good areas have pk toons killing alot.
  6. No, it was designed to have only the lv 50 range enter cruma from the start, but whit the adding of ingame bot and a ton of other things, they made the game badand broken in so many ways, that they dont even see it them self. Wtich is sad, beause Lineage 2 is a good game, but u need too know how to run it for the players. sadly NC west / NC soft dont know how too.
  7. @PhoenixMitra ppl have contactet Support team alot and there is a reason so many say dont waste their time. IF u post a ticket too them their respond is " we looking into it " Anybody that have reportet bots this way know they are NOT looking into it, This can be seen just by logging into the game.
  8. @EmperorLeto Sadly it's just a waste of time to get into contact whit your support team because they can't/Wont do anything about it. This is a true story, just log into the game and look. There is more bots almost then real players.
  9. The game is dead, only ppl who log is mosly ppl whit a cp they talk too. once thoes ppl go it will go fast downhill.
  10. ever since they got auto hunting into the system they also said whit no words. ok go ahead and bot all u want. beause if it was not the case they whould do more about botters then they do atm. Right @Hime @Juji ??????
  11. so @Ank u saying u want another places for ppl too bot even more ???
  12. Yup This is nothing like classic and from the start hardly was. So yeah if u like surprises and dont expect assist from GM's then this is the game for u.
  13. Sry I have been logged in for hours, almost days whit my toon either fishing or stading in the hunting ground doing nothing, I have never had 1 d/c since I startet the game.
  14. well maybe but still atlest they could answer our questions right ?
  15. @Juji @Hime Any chance u can comment on this. we really need u guys to start answer some of the many question, or yet better need some action from u guys.
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