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  1. Skull Cranium? Really? It was nice and hard to get, but it was small, soul bow looked better, a big bow lookes better on a character , Reinforced Longbow had also a nice balancing effect when used and looked good with d grade armor,bow of Peril also looked good with doom armor. Different looking armor of the same grade for diferent classes was also a nice touch of the game.
  2. Ether is obtained automatically while killing libs and is capped per day. Yes it is capped per day and is to bad, it is a good source of income.
  3. Is nice to see that people who think like this are still playing this game, this is what L2 used to be long time ago . Unfortunately NCSOFT does not want people to teem up to make quests and money and survive the game, so they removed good drops and quests and everyting else so people will not teem up to play and evolve in game, NC wants people to play individually and to have a hard time so they will feel the need to pay$ for potion , buff, itmes, to compete who spanded more .( ex.all in party must have prestige to work, remove of party buff)...... Everything is expensiv in th
  4. I was referring at the fact that I will buy one item is the price is right, but if the prices are to big for one item I will not buy it even if i have the money , somthing is stopping me from buying it... For example, dark wapons stone, it was before 200 mil, now it is 8 B , i have the money to buy it but...and many itmes are the same. Freya Rose it is good but if it is to expensive I will not buy Same goes for NC coins if somthing is good I will buy , but 8000 night coins for lvl 5 is just insane. And by spending money on nothing i meen you buy itmes in a game th
  5. You can not pay because it is not logical, to spend money for nothing and a lot of money for nothing, everything has a limit, but not the greed of ncsoft.
  6. They are selling itmes at a big price that people with money do not need, so adena will be the same or worse they will sale the items they have at big price and make more adena not less. This are entry lvl itmes for beginners who do not have adena and have to go to $ to buy nc coins, and nc makes money. Hase nothing to do with adena.
  7. I am sure that at a certain point you also made a mistake like this , playing this game is proof of you ability to make mistakes, but yes 50b for a box is crazy , the point was that NC makes mistakes also and do nothing about it, the whole game is becoming a mistake.
  8. It has been always like this, the prices for the sales were bigger then the AH , Except for Crystal of dawn they had good price at the last dragon shirt sales.
  9. The rates are bad in general, more faill than success. And yes on diferent accounts 60% success rates and 20 attempts 12 failed-8 success. 50%-50% 10 attempts 7 failed- 3 success and so one....this is how a day goes more faill than success. If 100 people on server attempts 1 craft 60%-40% , 60 people will succeed and 40 faill, you can be in the 40 faill people more than once.
  10. You know the people who replays are just call centre "GM", new hired people with random generated name in some country , who treats everyone like a drunk angry casino player, they do not want to solve your problem , they just want to calm you down until you stay quiet. Don't invest in a game that's take a lot and give very little, and bye invest I meen time , feelings, money..... No one cares for you problems GM ore player, if players would care, everyone would submit 1 ticket regarding item description and see what happens. If NC makes a mistake that affects their money they
  11. The game is made so players will fail. If you want to fail at somthing in life just play the game and you will fail, now or later . There will always be new items added to game so you can constantly fail at somthing so you will have no choice but to buy ncoins to succeed but if you do that again you have failed, you lose , house wins . It is server success rates not individual, so you will fail more than the description rates %.
  12. Yes, it is, the armor scroll is not, but the weapon scroll can be put in AH
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