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  1. Hi, and welcome, hope you will fun with the new server and so all the players, gaming is all about having fun.
  2. Hi can you post again the p.skil crit rate acording to dex? You posted it before but i can not find it, thanks.
  3. Well like I said, people must speek of the good parts of the game, so people reading the forum will know, I do not see topics here like that. If you want to make a difference start a topic and say your story , give some content to your opinions, you just coment on what others people post, that is pretty easy no? If someone says buy Ncoins is bad, you can say" ty for the info, is good to know I will try and see if it is thrue" I did not say you are trash, did I? I said that telling people they're decisions can have consequences is not rong is just a friendly advice , saying th
  4. So "Also stop telling people what to do with their money, allow me to think from my own perspective and worry about yourself. You sounding hella mad that I don’t spend money with you and choose to spend with NCsoft instead. " You are also right here, but that only show what kind of character you are , trash ore not, the more trash you put on you the more you smell like one, so you cand take whatever decisions you want but if you choose to do trashy choices this is who you are, I am not saying that you are , just explaining to you that every decision you make good ore bad reflect
  5. You are right, but am I rong? Just say what it is , L2 a gambiling game and that's fine, but it is a gambiling game hidden under a video game, not telling all the truth is also lying and skaming, nobody starts to play this game because they want to gambiling is this why you start to play this game? Also no conflict starts without a truth, so if people complain about the game there must be some truth there. Think about it, si some one post what they do not like, why don't you post what you like about the game, I actually dare anyone to post here a story about what thay like
  6. You are right , if someone stops to play this game , they must change to a different game entirety.
  7. People who say that the game is running smooth, are clearly lying ore they're brain can not process the in game world properly, this is not a game that is worth spending money, this is just gambling not gaming, spending xxx money and getting nothing 000 that is not money spending that is wasted money, there are better way to spend money if you want to support a good cause, here spending moneys only suport addiction to gambling. And NCSOFT doesn't do this game justice, this is not a game with a proper dev team that constantly improve the gameplay and game updates, they do not even
  8. How would this two solve the game problem? People would stop farming? Balanced adena in all the areas, and itmes drop , regarding the lvl of player , not decrease, that will just move people from one area to other and overcrowd areas, it does not matter how money some people farm it is important that all players cand farm adena and itmes wherever they want so they do not need to be dependent to buy only from some people that controls the market.
  9. Prestige is ok, I was only commenting on why all the party members must have it.
  10. Maby I said in a wrong way. Prestige is ok, I also used it( cancelled it some point) what I was trying to say is that, it's wrong that all the members of the party must have prestige, if someone from party doesn't have it then he does not recive the boosts, why are all members affected, it is not fair it si just strategies to make people feel bad and buy prestige, just make the game pay2 play and finish this skaming strategies applyed in the game. And by waste of real money I meen all the game l2, they just use some skames to make people buy that are just bad
  11. They have pasive skill like I said earlier, daggers do not have it.
  12. Yes I do not know why only archers have this skill, they don't carry arrows anymore like the old day's they have infinite arrows now.
  13. My opinion is they should make upgrading wapons / armor easier, cheaper, if it costs less to buy r110 than to upgrade it then the upgrade process is a failure, and must be reconsidered , but again nothing good happens....
  14. So if you and 5 others people work well and the 7th co-worker is lazy, all 7 co-workers recive the same salary penalty wow nice work l2. I have never seen so much waste of real money anywhere else, people are literally throwing money in the recycle bin, o wait there's a dark place that draws people like this, the casino.
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