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  1. After maintenance, the regeneration of mp in Blazing Swamp is reduced. ninja-patch ?!
  2. Same problem. After the CoC there is a crash.
  3. Show how to kill level 110 mobs with a level 100 character. The new bracelet does not give STR / DEX / etc.
  4. Quests Targeted for Removal - Bottle of Octavis' Soul/Bottle of Istina's Soul/Bottle of Tauti's Soul How can I get Aria’s bracelet after the upgrade?
  5. This, apparently, you do not quite understand what is written in the article about artificates. "When artifacts are equipped to all slots Damage +5%, Received Damage -6%. Can be equipped by characters level 105 and higher." Without artifacts this book is useless!
  6. @Juji, @Hime put dye powder in L2Store for adena until there is no fix.
  7. Maintenance?! https://imgur.com/a/GuNxZoy
  8. Why does the cost of forgotten skills vary depending on the level of the character?! Character level 87 (main class) - the cost of 10 million at level 1. Character level 105 (main class) - the cost of 40 million at level 1 !!!!! WTF?!
  9. Added a feature where players can remove the bestowed Soul Crystal ability through a blacksmith and extract the Soul Crystal again. How can I do that?
  10. After the update, there was a problem with the tank's aura(Guardian aura). Aura should give 20% p/m def.
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