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  1. People already pay monthly for prestige pack
  2. well is normal to be bored if you don't have friends or cp or nice clan for help..I don't like to see ppl disappointed bcoz of this
  3. Eu CP lf healer ,pm in game iAthina or iRollo for more info
  4. lvl 104+ with decent gear,we help you be 106 fast level doesn't matter at all ,depends on your class and timezone
  5. Eu CP lf a decent DD and ISS pm in game iAthina /F2l
  6. eu cp lf a decent geared tank at least lv 104 pm in game iSnipeyes/iBuffgirl/Quenti or iAthina
  7. and what is this? :))))))))) your way of spreading info : :))))))
  8. that was a clan party with no tank and we ported randomly, you know pretty well our dds by now:))
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