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  1. Why on Aden servers all major events are at 2300 UTC ? all have this time except the swords on Chronos . WHY ?
  2. What are you talking about ? we ask to align cursed weapon fights to Olympiad , Siege time ... for olympiad and sieges is not NA server? Stop spaming to avoid pvp and keep swords and this nonsense time 4h later than olympiad and sieges. ALl major events must have same time as olympiad or siege time. why you want to avoid fun and pvp ? and u spam to keep this swords time at 0400 am for europe ? explain
  3. So what was wrong exactly here? people playing the event with original rewards from korea and there is a rollback ? +12 stick giving a lvl 4 jwl instead of a claw is a big "joke" .
  4. People already pay monthly for prestige pack
  5. well is normal to be bored if you don't have friends or cp or nice clan for help..I don't like to see ppl disappointed bcoz of this
  6. Eu CP lf healer ,pm in game iAthina or iRollo for more info
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