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  1. Dear @Hime I am writing this somewhat harsh feedback in hopes that you can take this disaster of a go-live and turn it into a success for both the fans and NCSoft. This release of L2 classic in NA has, for the players (i.e. paying customers), been an annoyance and a disappointment. As someone who has played since open beta, I have seen this company go downhill for many years, and it really saddens me, because the product is, at its core, the best MMORPG ever created. The management of it, especially in North America, has been abysmal, not due to lack of caring, but, at least from my outside perspective, due to a lack of authority and support to make necessary improvements to the game. But a disastrous start doesn't have to spell doom and gloom for L2 classic if you are willing to do what is required to fix the issues and regain the trust and confidence of the players which you betrayed once again. Using the free to play excuse is getting old and tiring. You chose to go with that model. Many of us have no issue spending 15$ per month on a game if we find it entertaining. We are tired, as L2 fans, of getting a worse experience than any other markets, just because we live in North America. The feedback on these forums is very clear: we come here to play. We expect to be able to log in the game, teleport to a zone, use soulshots, gain experience at a decent pace, and be able to afford gear as we level up, without having to rely on RMT. How you enable us to achieve that goal, in all honesty, is up to you. I think many of us are fine expecting those goals to only be achievable by having VIP lv. 4. In fact, I was so excited about L2 Classic, that all 3 of my characters were VIP 4 for the first month, until I realized I paid over 150$ USD for an unplayable game. My suggestion would be to take a look at how Square-Enix handled the flop that was FF XIV to become one of the most popular MMORPGs. It took them closing down servers for nearly a year to go back to the drawing board and come up with a better game, apologizing for the mistake, and giving a free upgrade and some free months to previous owners as compensation. Quite frankly, the players need to believe that you are hurting from this at least as much as we are. Until then, this is just a one-sided transaction. The basic game mechanics (classes, skills, monsters, epic bosses, sieges, etc.) are top-notch. Think of the most enjoyable way you can make this content accessible to the users. Let us have fun with the game, that's all we're asking. Figure out a way to make the game enjoyable for us, and lucrative for you. Many issues of this game are a vicious cycle caused by unrealistic adena/drop rates: players are poor to the point of not being able to hunt efficiently. They buy adena from RMT farmers which have 1'000s of bots on each server generating adena. Bots ends up outnumbering players in many areas of the game, rendering the game unplayable. Fixing the adena/drop rates will solve this issue. Most players would be fine using low d-grade at level 20, building up to top d-grade by level 35, and upgrading to low c-grade at level 40. Bonus points if you bring back the weapon trade-in/upgrade system where you can upgrade your gear to the next one up for the store price difference. The bottom line is this: make the game fun and players will come, players will stay, and players will bring their friends, and you will have millions of players happy to spend money to make L2 classic a success.