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  1. @Y2J I watched your two videos and the cropping on both is bad (cutting off some essential parts) and the YouTube end card you put blocks the results panels. Once you improve those two things it'll be more helpful. As for the Venusta boxes, as someone who opens over 75 a week (3 toons doing dailies), I'd say that's about what should be expected.
  2. The only classes that do ok-ish without gear are Maestro (lv 106+) and Eviscerators because of the 1/3 damage skills. Every other class needs a good amount of gear to be viable. Yul has a very steep curve where it takes significant investment before it becomes a top class. But once you reach that threshold, nothing can even come close to comparing. I switched to Yul on my main during the last Red Libra because I finally have enough gear to pull it off. Since the latest patch, however, I decided to level 2 archer + 1 iss mentees. Other than a set of octavis jewels for one archer,
  3. The solution isn't that hard if you understand the real issue: clans abusing game mechanics to trigger wars vs afk players. The problem is many classes have AoE damage skills that flag back automatically. Tyrrs, sigels, isses are prime examples. Take that away, and there's no reason for the < 14 clan rules anymore. All: Target / damage everyone and everything. Chaotic: Target / damage monsters and red players. Enemies: Target / damage monsters, players at war against your clan, or red/purple players that are not in your clan/alliance/party. Monsters: Target /
  4. When most of the players were already struggling with level-appropriate content (including players who spent in the 2k-5k$ range), increasing the difficulty of many hunting zones was yet again the last thing this server needed, and will likely cost you a LOT of players once again. Other than a handful of players (about 55 characters lv 117+, and a few more in the 114-116 range), the bulk of the players are level 110-113 and are struggling against level 105/107 content. I'm also not talking about free to play players, or parties with DDs in in exalted. This is players who spent in the 2k
  5. Agreed, if the runes came boxed so we could open them up at our leisure, it would be a lot less spit in the faces of those of us who buy runes, but by making them open immediately, it's rewarding free players disproportionately. Also it's way past time for you to bring the Einhassad store fully, enchant rates, and item rates of other regions. It's 2021, and most of our big spenders are less geared than casual players in other servers. Our casual players are geared for 2018 content at best. Greedy chests should be brought back in as drops, not mobs. Or make them proportionally stro
  6. @Juji this is a very weak position by both sides. Don't report it as a bug, don't ask if it "works as intended", ask for the functionality to be changed because it is hindering players. Simple solution: change the inventory / warehouse increases from being bound to your class, and bind it to the character instead. Include that increase to 80% increase. Also include +inventory slots from equipment (like belts). Also make it so no-trade items do not count towards the limit. Simple changes like those should not take more than a few days to code and would save hours of work weekly fo
  7. @Juji@Hime I gotta say this update makes the previous update look good. I used to solo fine in FoW/Sel Mahum pre-update, and had to BSOE within 2 minutes in FoS. That's with somewhere in the range of 300-400b worth of gear. I shouldn't have a hard time hunting monsters of my level with that gear. If it's an attempt to make support classes useful again (I'm sure some Tanks/Healers will be happy of being needed again), that's semi-understandable, however once again an update is going to slow our XP down tremendously. I hope you will (quickly) do something like you did last time with
  8. No reason to renew my XP rune for now, let's see what next week brings. That Lara's event is just a waste of bytes.
  9. Byebye xp event! On the good news server lag should be gone when 90%+ of the players quit again. We need some permanent fixes to all the issues, not just intermittent events that come and go.
  10. The problem is Varka and Ketra only affect a very small percentage of players that are high enough to go there and is creating an even bigger gap between the "haves" and "have-nots" of the server. Nothing has been fixed as of yet for 95% of the population. People who can AoE those areas are progressing 100s of times faster than people who don't. You see people go from 111 to 112 faster than most people can go from 108 to 109. There are a lot of great events which is making the game playable for now, but band-aid solutions only work IF they are working on a long-term plan, which I hope
  11. Thank you for extending the xp one more week!
  12. I'm good losing in PvP versus a well-geared player (I know not everyone is, but a lot of us are). Where I cringe is not being able to do much PvE content with 50b-100b worth of gear each on my 108 dd and 109 iss.
  13. The herbs will hopefully make the game "mostly playable" again, but doesn't solve a few of the other major issues, for example too few mobs for the number of players. I've been thinking of it lately, and I think the biggest issue is the bulk of players are within a 5 level range of each other. Back in the olde days, you had 100s of players in newbie zones, 100s in the Dion / Cruma Tower area, 100s around Giran / Death Pass, a bunch more around Oren/IT/HV, and 100s more around Aden. Also add a few 100 more in catacombs / necros. Right now too much space is being taken up by a mostly use
  14. I doubt it'll result in substantive change (it never has in the past), but lets play along for fun. As a product owner in real life, let me put on my product owner hat and give some suggestions on how I would resolve some of the issues. 1a. Hunting Zones Situation: For my level (108 Maestro + 109 DoomCryer), SV would be the ideal spot for hunting, as it would be for probably 500-1000 other players. Because there are only a dozen or so spots, we have to go to the next spot, Tanor, which is also packed. Alligator? No spots either. FoM? No spots. Basically after I'm done wasting
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