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  1. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 3, 2020

    Making this change in ROA is like you are admitting that botting is legal. If you cannot touch those farming roa, (or toi, or all of the raid bosses, or catas) then you should change the game rules and say that botting is legal. Or at least add it as a vip10 bonus, since that seems to be the get out of jail card. Also, not having cloths as a random reward but putting a fixed price is terrible even for your standards. You made it slightly cheaper than the rmt and it will have no impact on the in game price. And with what you have as rewards for the loot box, prices of the scrolls earned from the aden tour mini game will actually drop. Good job for that too.
  2. Newbie mistake

    This is nothing compared to the mistake I made. A long time ago I started playing classic here, thinking that it would be a free to play fun game without imba ptw items and features. That because it was official it would be stable, and professional and sustainable. Oh boy I was a romantic fool. Still playing, still a fool, but at least not romantic.
  3. You should also make C grade and B grade recipes available again. If your solution to this is the new feature in l2 coin store, then you should find a way to compensate dorfs for making them completely obsolete and useless.
  4. Aden Greater Treasure Chests Bugged

    You are just unlucky
  5. Playing with an archer, this is something that has never happened to me. Sometimes auto hunting randomly activates some skills that are on the bar. Try to remove everything from the bars to make sure that this is not the case. Maybe one skill is activated to run and the bar is hidden (they are four)
  6. The difference after the nerf is so disappointing. The rates only make the gap larger between top ptw players and the rest of the server. If you really want to prevent inflation, then do something with roa and catacombs bots. Maybe make them drop nothing and add better untradeable reward to the quests, like timed b grade sets and weapons. Roa 7-day top c weapon, gorgon 30 day accessories, death pass 30 day b armor set, ant nest 30 day top b weapon.
  7. Server Fix !

    What you should really report to the Dev team that sum all the above are two things: 1) The game is losing players due to the heavily PTW system and the ruined economy. It costs more than 100$ per month to stay competitive and the service from your part is terrible (fixing bugs, adjusting settings etc) 2) In this state, it is impossible for a new player to find any kind of motive to start in your servers. No protection from bots, from pk chars. The result will be that the classic project will die in the next months. Maybe you should consider allowing new players to buy non tradeable ptw items like pendants, cloaks etc. And reduce the frequency and duration of box related events. Fixing the economy, bugs, rates, missing content (specially 7-signs) is what will keep current players and bring new. Make a great promotion event to bring new people. That will make the economy move again. And reduce the open tabs to a reasonable number (5-6). That will help with bots and with people soloing epics and rbs.
  8. Server Fix !

    What is most disappointing is the fact that you do nothing to ensure that classic has a future. All of your actions so far, the ptw events, the recent changes, the bugged rbs, the drop/spoil rates, give us the impression that classic for you is just a quick way to make some money. You are supposed to be NC West, so let your Korean managers know that your clients here cannot and will not put up any longer with this joke of a game that their local market feeds. If they are not willing and you are not allowed or competent enough to adjust this game to your customers' needs and and demands, then make us all a favor and shut it down.
  9. Server Fix !

    Let me remind you then that lotus had formed an alliance with them. However the point of this post is different and much more important. The classic is dying and the way they manage the game shows that they do not care about it. There is always a ptw event running, destroying the economy. They do not need to fix anything as long as people keep buying ncoins. Stop paying for a terrible service. Simple as that.
  10. Server Fix !

    Nuff said
  11. Also you could also wait for a few days and not waste your time, because the new update is crap and if they don't fix it the game is unplayable.
  12. So no macro?

    Let's talk with numbers and you will understand why we are being treated like this. Lineage 2 global sales represent around 7% of total NCsoft revenue. US sales to Korea sales ratio is around 1/10. PC game sales to mobile game sales ratio is 1/4. We are treated like trash because they regard us as such. The more people quit on their own, the easier it will be for them to shut down existing pc games and free resources for mobile games and the new Lineage game that is scheduled to be released. NCsoft stock is on the rise (+17% in 2020) and is now at an all time high. Whatever we say here, whether we like it or not, we represent an insignificant portion of their market share. And as far as business is concerned they are doing great. So we can all go and smurf ourselves.
  13. Fish system

    And 265 sp, so something must be wrong here
  14. Patch Notes for 2020.01.15

    Let's all acknowledge that sooner or later inflation would destroy the economy and would make the game unplayable for all legit players. Just 24 hours after the siege, the accumulated tax in Giran was around 120m. If I am not wrong, when the tax rate is set at 0%, the tax revenue comes only from a percentage (10% at most) of the sales to npc merchants. Meaning, that over a billion adenas was made just by selling crap to stores. If Giran has 500 active players (lol), this means 2m per player, per day. However, this update really destroys any chance for a new player to catch up. Sure crafting and buying C grade and B grade will become much easier and cheaper. But with adena drops as a sole source of income for new players, everything will be unreachable, even at low prices. The only alternative given by NC West to new players is the high grade starter pack in l2 store. As if they are saying "New player? Great! Look at this amazing offer we have for just 5 dollars! Don't want to pay? GTFO!". Of course this is a p2w game, of course you will eventually have to pay if you want to play for more than a month. But this will make people to quit after their free duals expire. Give players alternatives to earn adena. With quests with dialogues with npc that needs logic that cannot be automated, maybe better untradeable rewards at 40 lvl dungeons. As more and more quit, without new players this game will die. What makes me uncomfortable is that the new update is not fair for the new legit players and the providers make nothing to change this. And the worst part is that this seems deliberate and calculated.
  15. Patch Notes for 2020.01.15

    I guess this change with recipes and materials is a lazy attempt to control inflation caused by bots. And of course make the adena sellers raise the prices, so that l2store soulshots/spiritshots will be more competitive. Speaking of which... "Changed so that only the ‘Soulshot’ and ‘Blessed Spiritshot’ can be purchased in the grocery store/Dimensional Merchant." Really now? Also, "Characters with Lv.41 and above will cost 50,000 Adena when they are teleporting in Siege UI". What is this even supposed to mean? For every teleport in siege we will have to pay 50k? If you want to prevent inflation from crushing the in game economy, then do something about the bots. Although if you cared about economy you would not run a p2w event every second week.