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  1. Also you could also wait for a few days and not waste your time, because the new update is crap and if they don't fix it the game is unplayable.
  2. So no macro?

    Let's talk with numbers and you will understand why we are being treated like this. Lineage 2 global sales represent around 7% of total NCsoft revenue. US sales to Korea sales ratio is around 1/10. PC game sales to mobile game sales ratio is 1/4. We are treated like trash because they regard us as such. The more people quit on their own, the easier it will be for them to shut down existing pc games and free resources for mobile games and the new Lineage game that is scheduled to be released. NCsoft stock is on the rise (+17% in 2020) and is now at an all time high. Whatever we say here, whether we like it or not, we represent an insignificant portion of their market share. And as far as business is concerned they are doing great. So we can all go and smurf ourselves.
  3. Fish system

    And 265 sp, so something must be wrong here
  4. Patch Notes for 2020.01.15

    Let's all acknowledge that sooner or later inflation would destroy the economy and would make the game unplayable for all legit players. Just 24 hours after the siege, the accumulated tax in Giran was around 120m. If I am not wrong, when the tax rate is set at 0%, the tax revenue comes only from a percentage (10% at most) of the sales to npc merchants. Meaning, that over a billion adenas was made just by selling crap to stores. If Giran has 500 active players (lol), this means 2m per player, per day. However, this update really destroys any chance for a new player to catch up. Sure crafting and buying C grade and B grade will become much easier and cheaper. But with adena drops as a sole source of income for new players, everything will be unreachable, even at low prices. The only alternative given by NC West to new players is the high grade starter pack in l2 store. As if they are saying "New player? Great! Look at this amazing offer we have for just 5 dollars! Don't want to pay? GTFO!". Of course this is a p2w game, of course you will eventually have to pay if you want to play for more than a month. But this will make people to quit after their free duals expire. Give players alternatives to earn adena. With quests with dialogues with npc that needs logic that cannot be automated, maybe better untradeable rewards at 40 lvl dungeons. As more and more quit, without new players this game will die. What makes me uncomfortable is that the new update is not fair for the new legit players and the providers make nothing to change this. And the worst part is that this seems deliberate and calculated.
  5. Patch Notes for 2020.01.15

    I guess this change with recipes and materials is a lazy attempt to control inflation caused by bots. And of course make the adena sellers raise the prices, so that l2store soulshots/spiritshots will be more competitive. Speaking of which... "Changed so that only the ‘Soulshot’ and ‘Blessed Spiritshot’ can be purchased in the grocery store/Dimensional Merchant." Really now? Also, "Characters with Lv.41 and above will cost 50,000 Adena when they are teleporting in Siege UI". What is this even supposed to mean? For every teleport in siege we will have to pay 50k? If you want to prevent inflation from crushing the in game economy, then do something about the bots. Although if you cared about economy you would not run a p2w event every second week.
  6. Solved, please close topic
  7. Hello, everyone. I am having an issue with strength bonus that does not add up correctly. I have a PR with base str 41. The extra str comes from the following: +3 bw heavy set +4 from points used +1 hat +1 doll +4 dye +1 vip All these should have added up to 55, however I only get 52. Any ideas? I have opened a ticket on the issue and they actually told me they cannot help me and ask in forums. The providers of this game actually told me that they have no idea how stats are calculated.
  8. How about the ones that have already opened the box?
  9. Drops? What happened?

    It you have a box in party with more than 9 levels difference you get no drops
  10. ΑΒΑΣΑΝΙΣΤΑ-ΑΒΙΑΣΤΑ-ΑΒΑΔΙΣΤΑ, Μελαχρινός Ελφάς, αρτσεράς στο επάγγελμα, λέβελ 31, οικονομικά ανεξάρτητος με δύο μαγαζιά (κράφτερ και σπόιλ), ζητά γνωριμία με ελληνική άκτιβ κλαν, απαραίτητα λέβελ 3 για xp, raids και καμία μπούφλα, σε καθημερινή βάση κατα κανόνα, για κανα δύωρο-τρίωρο μετά την δουλειά. (Αν δεν έχετε προλάβει παιχνίδια χωρίς σύνορα μην μπείτε στον κόπο, δεν θα δουλέψει )