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  1. @Juji@Hime Hello guys, im not the only one that is really pissed about the server situation but sorry to say....ur making it not better at the moment. Theres no reaction or Info at all about the laggs. Its 7 pm here in Germany so i guess its around 10 am where u live. So also i guess u have to work atm. is it really too hard to write something in Forums? whats the plans u gonna follow? Optimise server performance? (LOL at that) Why u wont accept some help from your community? (deactive Rankings for example). Dont wanna be rude or something like that but everyone (
  2. +1 for this. I Play with him every day. I dont want him to quit! Strange thing for me is, most of the Time, my Main doesnt dc but 1 or 2 of my other accounts (even on same PC) randomly dc. I would bet rl-money that u will get an standard Reply from a "Supporter". I dont even wanna say the word "Supporter"... There is no Support going on. They always say they looking for it...nothing happens. If i would give that Support to any of my customers i would get fired... Even if i say @hime or @juji they wont write even 1 word. Really dont know what they do the whole day. Nothing a
  3. Hello @Hime, Question 1: What exactly u do? Question 2: Why cant u give us Infos like 1-2 Hours before? Question 3: 1:30 AM here in Germany. Do u think we Europeans like this "Emergency-Maintenance" Question 4: We had Maintenance today for like 3 hours. Couldnt u do it there? (i dont start the whole plot about server laggs again.....) Greets from Germany.
  4. Isnt that the Time the Event Boss spawns on Chronos?^^
  5. can be closed. If u got enhanced Brooch uneuip it and go to Shadai, then it shows Brooch lvl.1...Clanmember helped me
  6. Hello, i try to ask a question here since creating a Ticket isnt helpfull. Maybe some of the big guys @Juji or someone else could reply. I did the whole Noblequests long time ago. iI didnt get the La Vie en Rose Brooch Lvl. 1 as reward. Now i cant redo the quests to get the Brooch. Did create a Ticket and asked for Assistance. Now here the Answers from your Staff: - Go to Shadai, there u can buy/craft it-> Not true, there u get lvl 2-5 - Repair/Update your gameclient -> That must be a Joke.(Did it, same Problem)That has nothing to do with my Ingameproblem
  7. bleep do something...Its not the first Time and its just annoying! Perma Lag and DC....
  8. Disconnects after disconnects.......terrible server atm! And no Communication again from Hime/Juji...
  9. @Juji @Hime Sorry L2-Staff., but slowly its not funny anymore. Lag the same and more disconnects. 2/3 chars just dc. Every week the same "we working on it". But nothing changes. Dont wanna be rude but....what u doing the whole week from Maintenance to Maintenance? 1: Get a Solution 2: Give us finally Statements whats going on From a Person that plays the Game 14 years now and never seen so much ignorance
  10. Hey, was wondering why no one is in that new Area. Now i know why.. Every mob gives around 45m xp with full Vit. Also every mob dropping around 40-70 Adena. Is that a joke? Is that the Adena before the Update (when it was low lvl). XP should be x10 times higher. Adena min 10-20x higher.... Maybe anyone could answer that. @Juji @Hime
  11. The most Problem for myself is not that there is still no Patchnotes. Its for me the Problem there is no Info about it coming from NC (i call it NC cause dont wanna call out names). What i learned from my Job: Talk with the Customers, give Infos to Customers and the customer will be excited. If u ask something (whatever it is) 95% of questions there is no comment or answer from the NC Side. Im excited for fafurion even if i dont know what i have to expect...im more excited about "there will be a difference" Greets from Germany
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