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  1. Not just you. Got dced 45 min ago and can't login either.
  2. Same problem with 1 account...not getting Coins when there's a winner.
  3. Stop complaining. It will not hurt the economy, nor it will be unfair. Consider this as a kind of reward to players that have been here since the beggining of Classic. And no, I'm not talking about the ones that spend tons of NC Coins. Besides it's a promotion and eventually will come back later in game as most are. Relax.
  4. There's no option to trade Fresh Blue Mackerel and Blue Mackerel for Stews at Fishing Guild Member.
  5. Clan coins can be traded only in Monster Race Track now. Target Leo in Clan arena there.
  6. Ok. So pretty much some of you people are asking for a complete roll back to the server plus also some personal tweaks to serve you. Really !!! Well, why not simply roll back to the first Chronicles then ???.
  7. The sarcasm on this post is absotulely fantastic. " By making this change, they can identify exactly who is using 3rd party programming. You see this is a trap to identify all of those accounts to perma ban them. In a couple of week they will go back to the way thing were and all those accounts will be gone. And everyone's crying about Bots will be solved. ........." Oh wait ! It is sarcasm, isn't it ?
  8. Actually Clan Coins are available at Clan Arena in Monster Race track through Leo. No more trading mats though, just Bracelets and Soulshot Tickets.
  9. They already contacted the Devs, so a little bit of patience is required . Maybe you all didn't notice, but they are surely worried about this as well because it affects everything.
  10. According to Patch Notes new Fishes, Stews are not tradeable anymore. Only the old ones. Fishing The properties of items that can be acquired by fishing or exchanged for fish from a fishing guild member have been changed as follows. Exchange/drop/open private store/sell to store/dimensional not available P.S. Personally I don't mind getting just SP while fishing. But that's my point of view anyway.
  11. Well it's been over a month and no one is taking action Just an explanation Aden Dungeon 40-44 2 entrances and 14 rooms in total Being exploit by 1...yes 1 Brazilian bot owner...how? He gets all the rooms that has the mob Wandering Dead of the Abyss (Doll Blader) which makes 10 rooms in total 24/7 all the time These chars (Elves Summoners) ONLY target these mobs because they are the only ones that drop 300-600 adena and B helmets full drops and keymats, Oriharukon Ore, Stone of Purity, Life Stones and Coal. They are also supported by 2 buffers that go room
  12. Take Steel as an example sometimes I check the Market 3-4 a day and hardly find it under 9k each, when 1-2 weeks before it was around 2,5-3k. Of course 100% drop rate doesn't mean a lot to things that actually have a low drop rate, but basic mats still drop ok. Or do you think that with Oriana event, people are placing most of the adena on it?
  13. Well actually I should have said an increase in 200-300% range...my bad...and I am talking about basic mats at the start of event...at least the first 2 weeks were quite normal regardless of inflation and general market. You could say that things were going as usual but this last week seems a little weird just for basic mats. All other things considered it's ok. And just for fun, even with the Night King Dead, the Army of the Dead is still alive
  14. So 15th anniversary running and... 100% adena/drop rate + Oriana Lucky Draw and we have 300/400% increase on market prices ? plus an increase on non-talkative players. What's up? Is this because Arya killed the Night King ?
  15. Pandoras

    GIRAN offline

    Giran is online ....l2.laby shows off-line but it's online
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