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  1. I am against having to use GK. However I'm against using TP in combat. I just wanted to clarify, because I'd much rather not see GK system reverted. As for people who thing EE PR is not worth anything/worth less: It still saves money, and if traveling to a town, have the party port to a diff location and PR to town, instantly saving a few thousand adena. Not to mention if they remove TP while in combat, then PR would be the go to..lol
  2. I'd be happy if they just patched porting while in combat. As for the TP now vs GK TP, it's cheaper to port atm for this version than it would be with the GK. As for PR, it can be cast while a team member is in combat. So if they remove combat TP, PR becomes useful.
  3. Remove the TP option when in combat. Issue fixed, and the system still in game. Sorry I enjoy not having to run 3 toons to a GK to port. lol
  4. Hello, and welcome back to L2 Classic. We do still have recruitment open. If you'd like to check out our forums at Tenaciousgamers.com, or PM any officer in game/discord you're more than welcome to. Also Congrats on Level 5 everyone! Now time to get our 2nd clan to level 5! ^.^
  5. Hello @Kaylianna We are still recruiting, if you'd like you and your daughter are more than welcome to check out our community forums. (We go well beyond just L2 classic.) Feel free to PM me in game ( Mishi ) or any officer. (Or you're welcome to poke us on TG forums too.) I actually work 3rd shift, so I am not normally online during evenings often, but I do know Arella, and RenaBloodPakt are on during evenings. Anyways, I look forward to meeting both of you.
  6. 3 Client limit removed ?

    @Hime @Juji So is more than 3 clients legal or not? An answer would be nice on this, so we all know.
  7. Tenacious wishes y'all the best Shadow Consortium!
  8. Congrats Arella, on becoming an Officer! Also welcome to all new members who have joined recently.
  9. L2 has improved

    Except: Event is going away. XP loss on death will come back so we can make videos of bot trains killing their toons again. Port fee's are coming back. (Yep, those things that cause less players to port for helping one another for dailies, RB's, ect...) Item drop rates/adena will be returning to the lowest of all Classic L2 servers. ...and the list goes on. So while it seemed they "cared" it was just an event. Nothing more.
  10. Keep 0% on PvP death

    Actually even I have seen more pvp with no loss of exp on death. I have to say I agree with this idea.
  11. Food for thought

    The only thing I have noticed with the event is you can break even when exp grinding. Prices seem pretty much the same as before the event.
  12. Raid Boss mechanics

    On TI specifically: NA prime time raids, do not normally announce where they are going. In fact the majority of 70+ bosses, you need to be there by spawn time and buffed to get a hit on it before the RB is dead. Lvl 55-69 RB's, they only get announced if the people doing them need help. For non-NA prime time, the farmers do typically announce when they start levels 50-59, 60-64, 65-70, and 70+ However lately there has been a guild buffing/healing said RB's and another group using toons to tag for loot, so the farmers have started not announcing as much as they used to. (You'll also see the Prime time NA people skip bosses due to toons tagging a RB for others to kill so they can loot.) For lower levels, there are 2-3 groups who have started running them on TI, and they announce, however the times aren't set like the top alliance's or farmer times are with RB's. Most will also shout when doing the Epic RB's due to the amount of people needed for those compared to the others. That's it for things you didn't have answered in prior replies.
  13. Getting extremely discouraged

    Sendin tickets with pictures. Devs have came onto TI and did mass bans of bot trains, and things went nice for 1-2days, before the bot fest returned.
  14. Thanks FOTOSINTESIS, and Warriors Guild. And for a Current Update on everything: Tenacious is still recruiting active players. We have a mix of levels, however the majority of members fall between level 50-70. In addition, as Latest has stated, we are working towards achieving level 5. I know some may be concerned about joining, because they see war declared on us weekly, Let me ease any concerns: Yes we keep having war declared on us by one of the top alliances. However we are not accepting their war declaration currently. --We are not opposed to warring, however we want to make sure when we war, we are on a more even footing with opponents. (It's much more fun when things are closer.) --
  15. Thanks for extending the event an extra week. (At least this helps all players on L2 Classic.) Just a tidbit: If you want your game to survive the P2W "lottery boxes", and other game releases; you may want to make port fees, and increased adena a permanent thing in the game.