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  1. Just an update for everyone: Tenacious will be halting all recruitment. Thank you.
  2. I ain't really shocked by this. Best 15 year anniversary event ever! Went flawlessly, and was awesome! Good timing with FF expac, and WoW in august. Is all I can say.
  3. Juji might hear back from them, then again might not. Either way, NC KR cares about 0.000001% NC West cares about the community about 1%. Juji cares more than the company(s) it seems, which causes Juji to get all the hate, when just trying to help.
  4. Are you able to share any of the modification requests? Will the "cake event" be extended from when it is working properly, for the remaining time of 1 month, or will it end at the original scheduled time? I know you're waiting to hear back, and thank you for trying to keep everyone in the community updated.
  5. @Hime So, 15th Anniversary event failed. (Month long celebration event.) 1st Fix we were told 150% exp boost failed. So the it got changed to 50%. Community was told compensation for the event failure was being worked on. Community gets a 50% exp rune for 7 Days duration. As compensation for a Month Long event, as well as the "mess" of the event. New Event starts which if you pay NCoin you get a talisman for "Free" Not even close NCSoft. Not close at all. @JujiThanks for trying to pass community concerns along to everyone, however I fear what you passed along fell on deaf ears
  6. That is good to hear that you've been reading through everything and NC is thinking of a fix and compensation. I do hope it is comparable to the original event, for all players. So everyone will be happy/content, and not leave the game. As many have put their idea of leaving on halt, with the "hope" NCSoft wont let them down again with the event.
  7. Very disappointed in the "fix" for the 15 year anniversary. Even a month long event like the previous one with no exp loss, boosted adena/drops would have been better than this "current" one of boosted Exp. NCSoft gave an event, which wasn't bad. (Just not implemented correctly for an MMO.) The event could have been fixed easily if NCSoft spawned the cake in Elven village, and Aden (Which is currently what is being done on L2 Live.) Or maybe a 3rd town even. I know you are reading a lot of angry messages. However does NCSoft plan to compensate for the now 2 incorrectly implemented even
  8. We heard that it was disabled 6/13/19...it wasn't. The winner got the item, LUCKY toons got the exp if they were able to use the 8seconds to hit the cake, and talk to the NPC. TI has now had multiple spawns messed up spawns mostly bots won. (Was there.) Aden, and Giran have also had messed up spawns. As for what is being added: I really hope NCSoft actually adds something to make up for this event not going well. Especially since it's for the 15 year anniversary. Many now have missed millions of EXP, or hundreds of millions. Not to mention multiple chances at the prizes. And now all
  9. I was able to manually target it, didnt try macro, cause the toon named Fioti
  10. I was unable to edit my prior post. Edit for above post: Talking Island, GM's had to Force spawn Fioti, and server got no winner of the item. At the 11:00 spawn. Also event is disabled, so TI will be missing spawns.
  11. @Juji Due to no winner during 11:00 spawn on Talking Island, will we be compensated with anything? Also Due to the cake event being disabled now, will TI players be compensated for each time the cake should have spawned and isn't? I mean many of the TI players are now losing the exp they could have gained from the event, as well as their chances at loot. Not to sound rude, however It's a bit sad for a game that is celebrating it's 15th year, to not have the event work properly.(Or servers, if that happens to be the case.) Aden missed the 1st spawn due to server issues. Giran miss
  12. On the 3rd cake for 11:00 spawn, without npc...:D At least it tastes good...lol
  13. Should do it in only 2 towns due to kill time with the forks. Keep both at same spawn time, and make it so each character can only claim participation 1 time during each spawn time. (Avoid people killing 1 quicker/getting reward, and doing the 2nd cake, at each time they spawn up..lol)
  14. On TI, there was a winner. Also all who took part got Exp/SP if they spoke to the NPC afterwards.
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