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  1. lost EXP after the rr

    Everyone lost exp after the server's restart today. I've lost 30%. Other players lost 1 or 2 lvls. Any update about this?
  2. Can't collect event reward

    your main must be 95 lvl
  3. Crystal of Protection

    oh ok I see. Thank you I found it. So I can only see my weapon in the upgrade menu. My armor is dark so maybe I can't upgrade it and that's why Ferris doesn't show it in the menu? But my weapons are also dark but Ferris' menu shows them. Anyway, at least I found the npc so thanks!
  4. Crystal of Protection

    Hm...I can't find the right option... is it for dark eternal too?
  5. Crystal of Protection

    How do you use this crystal?
  6. Crash error with new launcher

    After the new launcher update, client deleted and reinstalled. After that it always gave critical error. Anyone has the problem? I already lost two days of the "event".
  7. NCLauncher is deleting Client files!

    same here....I installed the new launcher and without any notice deleted the game. And not just that. After I downloaded the game again, it always gave me a "wrong password" message...
  8. LUC stat and enchant

    Very usefull site thank you! So LUC affects armor enchant too right? Cause in the site there are everything except armors
  9. LUC stat and enchant

    Hello, I'm listening from many players that the LUC stat effects the enchant success rate. But as I read in l2wiki "Luck gives characters a greater chance for success when crafting, dodging, and even finding loot drops. If Luck triggers when spoil and sweep or plunder is used, players will receive double items. Additionally, players can dodge lethal blows with luck. If Luck triggers during hunting, you can obtain a Fortune Bag - Stage 1 ." I don't see anything about enchanting. So what's the truth?