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  1. Thank you very much for your reply! I will use my points for lvl up an advanced Earth Popo for the enchants!
  2. I have few questions. After you I made my Luminous Tanga Lv.5 I saw that I can still add points to exp. But is there any point to do it? Lv.5 is the max lvl so what's the point on adding exp points after that?
  3. +1 authentication via email is a real nightmare
  4. 30-days bloody weapon are too much! But to be honest, every game I play has already done something special for their players because of the quarantine except Lineage2. Even the browser games did something about. Maybe it's time for Lineage2 to give something interesting, especially now that the server is totally boring. A real event would be nice. Not a "sales" event but a real event. Like those we had years ago where the players had to do something in-game.
  5. People, why you call it "cloak event"? It's not an event, it's a sale period. This has nothing to do with what an event is.
  6. wow that's something new! ban for fishing while they made fishing auto. I know two other mmo games that are having fishing and it's auto for that reasson, for players let their chars afk and it's totally acceptable by the rules. If they don't want people being afk while fishing then they have to make fishing manual again as it was for all these years.
  7. According to this you are 100% right. Since the GM wrote that, he must do what he said and ban him. All of you who said that it's part of the game, how can you say that when GM said that is a reasson for ban? You are all wrong but you don't want to admin it. We like it or not rules are rules, and if there is one thing that made this server so trush is exactly this, that noone follow the rules and noone apply these punishments.
  8. They really destroy their own game. Look at the NPCs. They placed them all in a central place of each town. What's the point of having towns anymore? It looks like those PvP servers where you can find all the NPCs in a place. We are like a PvP server but without the PvP! We just go to town, buy ss, jump back to our party for macro farm. wow what an experience! My whole clan quit game. I'm the only one left for months. I see many others that just quit the game.
  9. Are you happy with the current situation of the game? The whole server is an afk macro party and each party includes toons of 1 or 2 persons. I know many players that quit game especially after the last update. Clans are dying. I know many players that are 103-104 and they can't even do the 100 solo. Because EVERYTHING is only possible for real strong-high payers chars. I'm one of the lucky players who has a char that can still do at least few things in game, but guess what: when other players quit game because of that situation, I can't play either. Because everything is connected. We all s
  10. I'm comming back with more details. Here are the stats when I wear the Dark Eternal heavy +8 set. And here are the stats with the Enchanted Leviathan set with only 3 parts +6 Now as you see the 5piece set says that gives +3 CON in R110 when the R99 says -2 CON.But in char's stats the CON goes only +1 with the R110 set. But if it was 99 with the -2 then it means that the normal was 101 so with the +3 of R110 it had to be 104, right? As about P.Def R99 5piece set gives a +7% when the R110 gives a +10% but R99 is +8 so it gets a plus 11% bonus plus the +93 because of t
  11. They will delete daily coins? wtf...?? why are they doing that? this game is getting worse EVERY DAY
  12. where you found those chest? in an other server?
  13. I also faced the same thing. But if I remember correct, the toons that had Paulina had finished nobless or there were already 85 lvl. I don't remember what exactly but there had a different for sure.
  14. Is anywhere we can see the stats of enchanted R110 parts? I would like to see what are the stats (p.def) of a dark R110 heavy set at +6. I know that +6 is not that much but since I already made an enchanted (blessed) set, I could do it +6 for now and after that trying for +8 (in the future but not now). I'm thinking of selling the R99 heavy +8 set I wear now and keep the dark stones and put them on the R110 set. Does anyone know if a dark R110 +6 heavy set has better stats than a dark R99 +8 heavy set? Attributes are way better, but what about the others? At +0 the enchanted R110 heavy
  15. I also had the same problem as you. I logged some old toons that were already more than 40 lvl and lvled up them to 99 and they didn't get Paulina set. So they are still with random armor sets. I think you can't take Paulina to old chars. Only to chars that are below 40 lvl, so they can take it after they get class at 40 lvl..
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