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  1. Now they are banning normal players... And only do automated responsed from support,,, Come on! check the Locked account without a reason!! please (?)
  2. WTB Arthro Nail Clean

    Thats all,,, im LF Arthro Nail clean,, pm TEX or mail... WTS Scallop Jamadhr +6 Tyr Rune lv2 PM TEX
  3. Contactanos via discord,, TEX#9543
  4. My set is gone ???

    thats not normal... wait for GM`s respond ticket!
  5. WTS Crystallized Ice Bow +3

    I do not understand ... are you selling a bow? Or the crystals of that bow?
  6. Epic PvP Event (3vs3) | (5vs5) 16FEB2019

    so, i dont understod something else,, you pay for the L2Store prizes?
  7. Epic PvP Event (3vs3) | (5vs5) 16FEB2019

    i dont understod! This guy imamabe, is a GM, ADM, moderator, or what kind of player is it, GMs bring items in a unoffical event? and the adena fee where going is?? i dont understod!?
  8. Im not only talkid about Adena, im in a plan to get more populated gludio server, not only put (Recommended) in server list... Try some to get mor ppl activa in Gludio, anyway if u are 50+ and make Dungeon+Fom+Farm, need a lot of time to run, if u expend 4 hours in the game, at last can take 150k each day only for afford SS and TPs
  9. This is unsustainable, teleports are very expensive, the adena does not fall as it should, at least put in gludio Gk free Come on GMs, u dont see the comunity? Please FREE GK!! Server Gludio Need it!
  10. Continuamos sumando Gente al grupo... Wisp TEX, Zhau, Namida o directamente via Discord TEX#9543