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  1. @Juji, pls check the profile of cyan, the cyan's post dont appear in the dev tracker
  2. What happened Stanx? You don't know where to insert all the farmed and purchased items? They left the server just for you, as you wanted ... You and the Greeks never opened up to the rest of the server players, what could you expect? You know where you can insert everything ... right?
  3. Server GLUDIO and ADEN are Dead!!! really dead! Do a merge.... And open more places in Live servers!! and then try stop the by pass botters!! @Juji how much we need wait to a temporal solution¿?
  4. @Juji Please, make a daily restart until the problems are solved, that would help the community that is impatient and would be the most frank for active people!
  5. @juji But about SS in my main character still not working ... im trying use the new SS enchanged from dimensinal merchant, some friends can use this ,,, i goes try Check all files / repair my game client! ^^
  6. It is so confusing ... you have to drag the potions from the inventory to the small box of the automatic use of potions, they cannot be selected from the list to activate them, and as for the soul shots in a new character you are currently working, my apologies @Juji!
  7. NEW SS not WORK in auto----, Only one by one, HP pots same,, not work in AUTO!!! @Juji
  8. https://forums.lineage2.com/forum/36-player-to-player-support/ U are in the wrong section i think... So,, Why u want that trash Recipe??? i sold all that trash in the grocery.... dont stop in that useless things...
  9. Now u know if wanna install the new launcher,, can make a back up of Screenshots and videos... Its not true!! And thats a lie too... Only can adjust in horizontal
  10. NOT Only that!! I lose all my screenshots!
  11. Its not random... its all times a doggy!! Another Thing!!! In GLUDIO the first Cake NEVER giv us the NPC after Died!!!
  12. Thats working fine,,, u are wrong... u only can see the raids bosses in your level... Thats all!!
  13. well GZ! Its a Nice Hair accesory! its rare i think, but i dont opne Baium boxes,, my opinion is irelevant...
  14. The GAME is from Korea,, NCSoft is from Korea... this is a franchise
  15. Idk man,, looks like a fake,,, u use your onw screenshot? i see a watermark over there---
  16. I have FIVE years in this community ... Adena or not adena is not the question ... I hope Gms fix some unbalanced things. I can tell you from my experience at NCwest After each update there are usually things to touch, accommodate, fix or balance ...
  17. So, u are less of LV40?? Thats a LV40 skill... better try find how survive by yourself next time
  18. http://lineage2classic.power.plaync.com/wiki/Lineage+II+%3A+Classic
  19. Many people think that lineage 2 classic should or should be like chronicle 1 or C4 or interlude, and that this is maintained forever ... The memory of the day I thought it was a dream for a long time Now it's time to rewrite my chronology, Rewriting your chronicle! Lineage 2 Classic server was opened on May 28. Unlike regular servers, Lineage 2 Classic Server is a new server that has been renewed with the focus on the current UI and the in-depth class balance based on the previous Chronicle 1. Let's take a closer look at the features of classi
  20. u know from where come the Idea of a classic server?? ASk to KOREA! they can help u... Rigth now in KOREA classic have the Kamael Chronicle,,, Pls STOP posting this... http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Lineage+2+classic+korea http://lineage2classic.power.plaync.com/wiki/Lineage+II+%3A+Classic So,,, if u wanna stop playing,, leave and QQ in a corner...
  21. Man,, its the real classic... What do u want? C1 forever? ask to korea,, then think.... And pls, stop doing this useless POST!!
  22. all the answers are here... http://lineage2classic.power.plaync.com/wiki/Lineage+II+%3A+Classic A classic not suposed be like OLD C1 all the time... its--- Thats say L2 Korea... the Owners of this game!
  23. Yeah! its good! but i still needing adenas to craft SS, gear, TP, and a lot of thing... i think the only way is leveling in lowbies zones with new characters...
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