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    And yes i agree whit nutcase 100%. NCSOFT needs to find out what we can begin the materials because after 1 year we will have 100k+ from evry material and recipes coal and etc... that was bad idea... We want to feel this game and we want to play and You should ensure a good game experience, the circumstances, and the good feeling for the player. I think the NCSOFT forgat us and they dont want to give us good event good game and good feeling. I've never seen a service like this, where the service provider is not interested in the ppl who pay to use the service. If you give people a good game experience, they will spend more money, they will play more, it will be good for everyone and everyone will be happy to play here. Let me list a few things that are broken/ TOTALY USELESS IN THE GAME. FARM Zone: AL, Dragon Vally, GC Ketra and varka. Unfortunetly u forgat to set up for this classic server. We are only 1 hit in that zone. If u go whit lvl 82 party whit your friend u can farm very hard but waste of time... Material: What we can do now whit a lot material? Dont pick up anymore or what? What is in the game if is useless? I think better if u do the low lvl zone monster is empty but u need te give back the price of material / recipe. Recipe: Same problem and wyh we have a lot recipe what we CANT craft? What we can do whit a lots of useless recipe? Crafter/Mastero. THat class is total useless now. U ARE totaly killed the mastro. What u think? What is a game feeling the mastro now? U cant craft nothing in the market. U can delete this class nobody want to play whot that. Spoiler: Totaly useless aswell. No makro no spoli no dmg. If u go to spoil something u cant sell in the store anymore so this class has killed.... i use to like that but i dont want to play whit anymore. summoner: atribute dmg not even set up. Summoner class were not set up on this server... all mage class: They farm is to expensive. Very very expensive. Fighter/male class: To slow farm, If u want to make good xp for the figher party you can't reach the amount of 10% of the wizards' xp per hour whit a figher party. We have a lots of issus and we need more event p2w + normal event. 1 year ago we get a lots of free things. Now we are getting a lots of wrong idea... Sorry for my low level english but i want to share my opinion. Have a nice day guys.

    You are joke of the year
  3. All Mats Worth 0 ..

    Yes 100% tru, iam agree whit it. +
  4. So no macro?

    I know a lots of ppl who is playing 12 hours/ day and never go oly or siege for Example me:/
  5. So no macro?

    How we can earn adena now? I want to be reach
  6. So no macro?

    This update is terrible. I was waiting the update every time but now iam fear aboute it because u are killing our play every time. We can buy ncoin only soon. No shot no adena no recipe no party play no olympiad no anything jus p2w event. Spirit ore 440 adena shot 130 and we dont have money. Good job...
  7. Patch Notes for 2020.01.15

    This is very funy Just thinking. Starting from Wednesday, the currency will not be the ADENA in the market insted EURO Wyh? Because we have more Ncion than ADENA if we can't earn/ make adena we need to pay whit something, For example: If u want to buy 200 coal for craft u have to pay whit something but u dont have adena because all things will be 0 adena in the grocery and higer place is adena free zone U have to pay whit someting not? So u can feel the game whitout shot, 440 adena spirit ore, whitout crafters whitout high farm place, good siege whit all castle, but u can sell the lots of usless thing from the p2w event for euro. +30% TAX I think DEAR ncsoft. If u dont have any idea for the UPDATE, PLEASE ask the player who is playing on the server. Just ask us what we need to feel this and we will spend a lots of money on what we love it.
  8. Patch Notes for 2020.01.15

    100% agree. They will kill the game. That is not classic, this is buy to usless box for lots of euro. They killed totaly the crafters. We are missing a shot recipe and olympiad. Skip this pach, we dont need it. Just skip. And give us some cashless innovation to enjoy the game we dont want to spend 100 euro for 30 melody+30 cov/pof/wop + a lots of totaly useless things. We want to higher farm place where we are not 1 hit. And we want to good adena drop in higer farm place. U can earn 30x more adena low lvl palce than 76+. We are very tank you.
  9. Super Aeore Rune effect

    That was my question few months ago. Nobody does care it. That is not working and they wont fix this. This is terrible.
  10. Hi! Where is the winter event? Would you like to late whit this likes halloween? a year ago, you cared more about the server than now ... Forexample: https://www.lineage2.com/news/winter-holiday-events-2018 :((((
  11. Super Aeore’s Rune

    Super Aeore’s Rune lvl 13 is not working. it needs to give more 17% mana restoration bonus but now this gives only 17 mp regeration likes iss rune lvl 8. Super Aeore’s Rune lvl 13 = ISS lvl 8? Really???
  12. We need new shot system because the all D-grade weapon are useless. Why have i to pay same adena for D and C-grade shot? This is not classic. If u use Low D-grade Weapon. That cost is same whit Top C. D-grade is 3 times more expensive but the C grade is less than before. Whose bad idea was it? Did he ever play in C1-2-3-4? I dont think so. I dont care p2w event and all of wrong things what u do. But u killed shot/cry business in the market. We can't craft anything because the crafters are not siiting anymore in giran. Pls do something whit this!! Dont kill D-grade pls!
  13. Hi. Please NCOFT! Do Something whit PK Teleport. Dont need ban etc or any Terrible things. We need only good set up for the TELEPORT SYSTEM!For Example: If u are not in combat. U can use the teleport by same price. BUT your char is combat and u want to save your XP/ chars life so u want to use the teleport system like Bsoe. U have to pay MORE 5x or 10 TIMES. If u want to use the teleport whit PK u have to pay 50x then original price. Very simple is this. That is very terrible. if u go out of town. U will diead whitin 1 hour. And they want to ask money to save your game!!!! That is terrible DO SOMETING WHIT THIS PLEASE!!!!
  14. Fom and wich is bugged from the update. No drop anywhere. Adena drop is fine in fom but no any drop. Material key mats anything.
  15. Question - XP SP Rune Stacking

    Hi Do you know anything about attribute system? I think, This is not working. Have u ever try it? Thank you. @Juji