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  1. Hi. Please NCOFT! Do Something whit PK Teleport. Dont need ban etc or any Terrible things. We need only good set up for the TELEPORT SYSTEM!For Example: If u are not in combat. U can use the teleport by same price. BUT your char is combat and u want to save your XP/ chars life so u want to use the teleport system like Bsoe. U have to pay MORE 5x or 10 TIMES. If u want to use the teleport whit PK u have to pay 50x then original price. Very simple is this. That is very terrible. if u go out of town. U will diead whitin 1 hour. And they want to ask money to save your game!!!! That is terrible DO SOMETING WHIT THIS PLEASE!!!!
  2. Fom and wich is bugged from the update. No drop anywhere. Adena drop is fine in fom but no any drop. Material key mats anything.
  3. Question - XP SP Rune Stacking

    Hi Do you know anything about attribute system? I think, This is not working. Have u ever try it? Thank you. @Juji
  4. Could you test the attribute dmg in pvp please. It doesent give more dmg in pvp. 200 fire attack is same dmg for 50 fire/wind/earth/water def or for 250. Anyone may share whit me other exp aboute it please. Thank you.
  5. Yes, that is right. Adena rate still wrong. They writed to fix it but everything is same. I get only 100 adena from higher mobs. 65+