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  1. Giran server is dead

    @Roflcopter actually bot report button was removed due to implementing own very basic bot into the game. You still can report bots thru other means as to submit the support ticket.

    You wouldn't be the one being wasteful here
  3. Okay this isn't your regular increase adena drop topic. There is the actual problem with any drop at all when in party is character that is 6 levels above monster that is killed. I've encountered the problem on aligator island doing the daily quest. NOS has level 43 and when friend who has level 49 joined the party then said monsters stopped to drop anything. No adena, no materials even spoil FAILED 10 out of 10 times. Look into this and fix it. That may be the very core of the current problem of players not having any drops at all on farming zones because then have members in party with 8 leves difference which is the cause of missing drops. I asked said friend with 49 level do leave party to determine if he was the cause of missing drops and after he left the party we started to get drops again. I'm kindly asking a moderator to move this topic to the bug reporting section.
  4. They are working but you can't have even one buff on you if you want to use it. When you have even one buff from wc/ol/pp/bp or what ever other hero that can give you buffs that can overlap buffs from scrolls you wont be able to use the buff scroll. You have to cancel all buffs that you have on ur self and you can use class transfer buff scroll then.
  5. PPL On Line?

    That is number of ppl in actual parties, not ppl online in total.
  6. Lost loot on non mele toons

    Why would he equip his ARCHER with a dagger?
  7. Blessed Soul Shots (Explained!)

    @Juji How it was not supposed to get here when even your detailed update notes had info about implementing blessed soulshots? Since you mentioned that we got something that was not intended to be released outside of the korean version of the game I think every single player will agree with me that whole L2 classic we are playing is one big "thing" that should not be put out to the "overseas version". Because we are not Koreans and current gameplay of this version of "classic" is BROKEN.
  8. Merge servers

    You can transfer character over 40 lvl with finished 2nd class transfer for 4000 n coins
  9. We should get to play our way from the very begining of the L2 history up to around Gracia maybe because awakening destroyed this game. Anyway we the players get the content update TOO DAMN FAST. Even major server botters didnt get to craft their own A grade EQ and they shoved us S grades now... Get a clue dood
  10. GM BUFFS

    Hey @Juji Can we get some info about next gm buffs round? It would be nice if we got another round of buffs today since it's saturday and players have time to grind
  11. No regular quests?

    Dood stop your annoying crusade already. Content update is FAR TO FAST. Back in the day we had content update ATMOST two times a year. Now time between TWO MAJOR content update on top that major server botters didnt get to get a grades that we got 3 months ago and we have s grade now. To be honest gludio saw 1st a grades just before the last content update and removal of oriana. So when even botters doesn't have A grades wearing why they push another major update like this?
  12. spellbook death whisper

    Thats because rates of this server are likely around x0.3 of what they should be.
  13. I hope that monsters in dungeon abyss will still drop adena and items as they starded to do after the last update so we can finally spoil some b grades the easier way as it IS MEANT to be...
  14. Classic Server Update: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

    Since start of the event EVERYONE knew exactly when the event will end and that items will disappear with the maintenance because that information was given right off the bat. Last week during the maintenance we got info that event will be prolonged for another week but we still knew that items will disappear. Why the hell you DID NOT exchange the coins for the shots BEFORE the maintenenace since YOU KNEW that items will dissapear slowpoke?
  15. As long as we wont go BEYOND C5/INTERLUDE (FRINTEZZA IS C5 boss) we still have classic...