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    Are you feeling better now after reporting me? If yes then I'm happy for you But still... You must live in utopia unknown and unavailable to anyone else if you think that people willingly pay taxes especialy for something like selling ingame goods for real money... You obviously don't know economics at all if you don't see how it follows. As for dynamic ip then in 3rd world countries or some shitty ISP they may still use them.
  2. Saviors Hero Pack for all?

    Its not for all players. EU players are not meant to receive the pack according to the rules

    They obviously do (but that does not mean THEY WANT TO) because I doubt that adena sellers (especially when adena sellers are also regular players) are running their business legally and are paying taxes to their respective tax office. Yes I have heard off dynamic ip addresses but tell me who the hell uses it nowadays?

    Your statement would be true assuming that adena sellers are LEGALLY running their bussiness which is registered in their country of origin and pay their taxes to the government... Otherwise money earned thru selling adena is also illegal. @BTC I don't have to "re-wire" my brain only because I have different way of thinking than you and because I consider something to be possible while you consider something to be not possible. Also what makes my comment IGNORANT?! Because I don't believe that each new account of the adena sellers is being made from different ip than previous one. If banning an account does not help then they should ban the IP. If the IP address happens to be the same for adena seller and regular player then most likely that player is resposible for selling adena which brings us to conclusion that these players are breaking terms of agreement with NC West.

    Because money earned outside L2store dont have to be taxed?
  6. Good Server NEEDS Good GMs!!!

    @Mortadelo it is as @Boombox said you happened to chosen by the system random blockade. Just create ticket to the support and your account will be unblocked. I had such situation with my 3rd account. @Roni Afaik I've red on the forums that about 8 maybe few more years they stopped to provide active in game GM because of the corruption.

    Why would they block their on business?
  8. February update patch notes???

    @Qwald In the december Hime was talking about big update in the january. Nothing big in january did came in. All they did was bring out CH from the background making it possible to the people to access actioneer and bid on CH (there is no other reason why CH actions had only 12 maybe 16 hours for bidding since the patch going live instead it being 2 weeks as mentioned in patch notes...) and enable GLUDIO only castle siege.
  9. NCoin

    What payment method did you use? Have you tried other payment method? I had same problem when I was trying to pay with paypal on my 3rd account. It turned out that their very system prevented the transaction from being complete in case of potential stolen credentials. Support had to manually lift up blockade for my 3rd account and everything is working fine since then.
  10. Even one month hadn't pass since previous connection stability problems and we have them back in business. Can you do something about it finally and PERMAMENTLY?
  11. Clan Hall Auctions

    From what @Hime wrote I get that the two week period worked since the very launch od the server but yesterday maintenance just enabled content for players that HAS WORKED in the background without people being able to access it. So this maintenance just happened to enable access to the content at the very last hours od the supposed two week period that we should have... Which brings us to conclusion that ncsoft is f*****g us and they does not give a damn about such bleepups...
  12. Do you have clan lvl 5? If not I assume that bidding in giran/aden was stupid choice made by you which ended in not getting CH. News gave clear info that there are clan halls for clans with lvl 3, 4 and 5. Because halls in these two cities are for clan lvl 5 only.
  13. And which time zone will be set after merging these two servers? Aden time zone or Gludio time zone? Stop with your nonsense...
  14. Producer's Letter - January 2019

    transfer costs 50€ and can be done on toons that are lvl 40+ and have completed 2nd class transfer.
  15. Why Lineage Loss People

    They are not reporting bots, they COMPLAIN about ncsoft doing NOTHING with the bots... see the difference?