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  1. Nobody here is making accusations especially in jest. I just stated fact that everybody on gludio server is aware off. The problem is that gms are lazy in their work of banning players especially those who drop sh*t ton of money
  2. Quite simple. They did gave the toon top A GRADE GEAR they had in pocket and sent him to do raid after raid... WITH top b gear you are able to solo raids up to 30 lvl if I recall corectly so with top A you can probably go higher. Then few party of bots doing raid after raid. What else do you expect from numer one botter [moderated]?
  3. To participate in the oly each and every players should have NOBLES status.
  4. Nope it is not. There are only NO GRADE shots available in grocery store and are designed to work with weapons of ALL GRADES. You won't find a single player selling shots on the market nor single crafter selling craft for shots as for recipies were removed from our recipe books. After introducing kamael update servers became almost dead.
  5. Maybe a Noblesse and subclasses first? Why do we have olympiad in the first place without noblesse? In good old CLASSIC days no one could fight in oly without being noblesse.
  6. you forgot to tell him abouyt 179 d grade crystals to get dual revo
  7. It is obvious that he was going to use bots on these accounts and in case being caught you would be the one edning with ban probably on ALL of your accounts.
  8. Because they want to sink players adena stash to make them buy more adena from their bots. Servers are already pretty dead and players don't tend to spend their adena anymore.
  9. @juji @hime how many more market breaking events do you plan to introduce in near future?
  10. It would after creating the game from the scratch on new engine...
  11. Unfortunately they arent blind. They are just working with the guy from adrenaline providing him necessary files before the update so he can update his bot app to be working right of the bat after the update comes in.
  12. You are gravely mistaken for thinking that opening 10000 of squashes accumulates to 100% with every squash you kill. You could open even 1 000 000 of squashes and the chance REMAINS 1%. On the side note it is still possible to get 10000 out of 10000 while having that 1% chance drop but chances on that are quite low.
  13. That is the main problem of nc soft classic. On 77 level you should get atleast 10x the adena from, the forgotten temple because your expenses grows around 10x higher
  14. If said bots are botting using L2 built-in bot then simply attacking it and standing next to it will cause him to flag him self on you then you can wipe the floor with him and get free pvp point. If they are using paid bot then only pking is the option.
  15. @Roflcopter actually bot report button was removed due to implementing own very basic bot into the game. You still can report bots thru other means as to submit the support ticket.
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