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  1. 2 P2W events at the same time? Will see...
  2. If you remove teleport during combat but keep the ability to teleport while PK, then you are helping the PK chars even more.
  3. Specially SP, with all the PK elemental summoners roaming the area every 10 minutes
  4. Does it dissapear after use? Or you can use it multiple times with a delay?
  5. Everyone I know can log in multiple accounts without any problem, myself included. Yes, the servers have many problems and random lags, but constant log in problems is not one of them.
  6. And how can they fix a problem that is most probably on your end?
  7. Some ppl will go from getting 400kk xp to spend 400€ a day At least everyone gets the 50% rune...
  8. How can it be working as intended. The monsters stop dropping items and adena even if one of the characters is in town! What could be the purpose for that? It makes no sense... And it makes even less sense now with this event where a lvl 1 char can get xp in party with a lvl 70. This is just useless if you lose drops...
  9. Then test it again, because it works. I tried with characters with 50 levels difference and both get xp.
  10. Yes, you can group a lvl 1 character with a lvl 80 and both will get XP. But it will be proportional to the lvl, dont expect to kill a lvl 80 monster and give the lvl 1 100k xp. Also remember that if 2 characters in the party are 10 lvls apart, you wont get any drop or adena. Well, you get Nectars i think...
  11. Its not new with the event. It started when we got this big update, and it has been discussed in the forum before. If you have 2 players in the group with 10 lvls difference, monsters wont drop items or adena, even if one of those 2 players is in a different area.
  12. Oh, you mean the one right before the maintenance. Ofc that one had less lag, everybody know the server was shutting down and there were not many ppl there.
  13. At least all of those have to be somewhat near you. The pony guy can kill you while mounted and running around at 200+ speed
  14. Lag free? it took almost an hour for the cake to disappear after it was at 0 hp. There was less lag than in the previous one at night, but it was very far from lag free.
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