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  1. So what you're saying is, this stuff is allowed (check attached links)? Because if it is, then I guess no one has anything to worry about, since there's no way any of the stuff we see in the 2 vids are in-game macros only. https://youtu.be/VjVnv4MMbPo https://youtu.be/LO7jJf5GzFw
  2. Hello LIME!
  3. Update: Melee lag is back. Hitting the mobs slower again.
  4. 1.) Where are you located - PA 2.) Are you using a VPN? - Nope 3.) How frequent is the latency you're experiencing? Here and there. The latency issues posted below tend to go away after task is completed, but then come back in about 15-30min. For example: If I buy something off of L2 Store, it takes 10 seconds for it to complete. But then if I go back and try to do it for the second time, its immediate. 4.) Where and what are you doing in game where you experience latency? When buying anything from L2 store (when u click ''purchase'' it needs about 10 sec to process
  5. Isle Of Stronghold adena buff is still 15 seconds instead of 30.
  6. The instant I log in, i disconnect on the active client. Sometimes I don't even go past the pin code. Juji halp!
  7. Let us, EU players participate a bit more in EU Server's live [aka Naia]. There, I fixed it for ya. You're welcome. Seems like server transfers are desperately needed for some people. GMs, please do us all a favor and open server transfers again so these QQers can play in their own time zone. Wouldn't just benefit them, but us too. One of the 2 players our dear friend buffgirl is mentioning, is me. Please do check me and the other player for any kind of ''foul play''. And make sure u stop by during Chronos' swords time to double check everything. And if that's not enough, please
  8. Extend the red libra (mostly for the red libra buff) til the end of XP event!
  9. Cooldown animation of La Vie En Rose's Energy (brooch BR) is not shown. same with any Macros.
  10. Oi! ISSes are support classes too and not to mention they do lower damage than both of those classes.
  11. The fact that he was PKing can be proved with the "PK" debuff he has on the character in the video he posted.
  12. A bit of a background story. WhiteWall set up on top of a friend and kept PKing it. So i came to help. Case closed.
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