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  1. Let us, EU players participate a bit more in EU Server's live [aka Naia]. There, I fixed it for ya. You're welcome. Seems like server transfers are desperately needed for some people. GMs, please do us all a favor and open server transfers again so these QQers can play in their own time zone. Wouldn't just benefit them, but us too. One of the 2 players our dear friend buffgirl is mentioning, is me. Please do check me and the other player for any kind of ''foul play''. And make sure u stop by during Chronos' swords time to double check everything. And if that's not enough, please
  2. Extend the red libra (mostly for the red libra buff) til the end of XP event!
  3. Cooldown animation of La Vie En Rose's Energy (brooch BR) is not shown. same with any Macros.
  4. Oi! ISSes are support classes too and not to mention they do lower damage than both of those classes.
  5. The fact that he was PKing can be proved with the "PK" debuff he has on the character in the video he posted.
  6. A bit of a background story. WhiteWall set up on top of a friend and kept PKing it. So i came to help. Case closed.
  7. Would be simple if the Aden owners were not using jump exploit. Simple, right?
  8. Make it a button where it says "Accept war declaration" hahahahhaa
  9. Lmao, if having 14 people in clan is an exploit, sure. Divekio, ure reaching for straws. Even you know it.
  10. It wouldnt serve a point even. Like.. Lets say a 14 ppl clan can get warred. Whats stopping those people to always be untagged and only tag up in a clan when its siege/pvp time?
  11. Ure saying whoever PKs another person should be banned? Thats part of the game. Whats the difference if a person is untagged or a 14 person clan? Write them a ticket and u'll see their response. And ure also saying that EVERYONE is 14 ppl clans dedicates their lives to PKing other "bigger" clans, lol.
  12. There have been multiple times where certain clans were forcing war declaration kills. What ure looking for is basically "hey if we war u, u wont be able to attack us, because i know u don't war. But we will keep trying to get our war up with u by force flagging just like multiple times before". Doesn't seem fair now, does it? I mean, even if u get a war on the 14ppl clan, whats stopping those ppl from just detagging and doing same thing? U can't declare wars on untagged people either. And whenever 14 ppl clans "run around griefing other players and clans" as u so put it... u can fight b
  13. So when u start attacking someone who is flashing purple, u wont go red if u kill them when they completelly unflag. ?
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