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  1. Bug Mana Dance.

    this is normal , after you use song or dance the next will cost 30-60 more
  2. We need Drop / Spoil Database !

    Link for L2Discord ?
  3. Gk Teleporting Pk

    @Juji @Hime any info please ?
  4. http://prntscr.com/nqok4e as you can see in the photo 25 K of xp and nothing adena or single item, already tried farm on all maps listed as hunting zone. I've read the patch note a few times and can not understand. In this print I was in blazing swamp area that is not found NERFED of drops and adena and still no money.All POST THE PEOPLE CLAIM THE DROP THE ONLY APPARENT ANSWER IS: Check the Patch Note, some areas have changed. stop, please stop I can no longer play the game having to give all the resources that were obtained in the event in Soulshots and TP. Forsaken Plains - Blazing Swamp - Tower Of Insolence ,There are days I'm trying to do some Adena and nothing is falling. look at my level I the mobs have the color white for me there are no more excuses
  5. And Catacumbs ?
  6. Thank you and you dance awesome
  7. @Juji @Hime https://imgur.com/gallery/oqfs4Nn
  8. TOI AND CATACOMBS is not droping adena please fix
  9. Spoil Rates

    I tested it too and it did not work
  10. I see some people teleporting while PK/Combat/Flag any fix for that ?
  11. From Golden to Black LION

    the same to me
  12. Sooo , @Hime explain some things for people, why you are introducing grade S and more content if most of ppl are grade b and can't unseal the A Grade Equipments ? Grade S Before olympiad ? Frintezza ? i think whe need more way , more , to up faster than bosses to prepare ppl to this content
  13. May 15th update...

    Its 1st april Fools i think
  14. the rarity of the items in the box will be, average, low, very low?