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  1. Fix the server increase the pvp , cannot carebears Restart with full skill and just give last shot and take the drops , make people fight for drops . Btw DW STG 3 and he not play pvp just relog for make last hit ? Farmer ?
  2. 300 people on que que , on Olympiad day , after ncsoft givme 2 times random disconect , ( i get dc only on my main toon ) . So total 2 hours waste of time for try log , and 1-2 hours miss from oly . Great work and greater support team . U make this game unplayable . I get DC on this lucian instance ( random dc for server again ) , i loose my instance , i make ticket , and ncsoft givme back 1 ticket for i make it again ...... What i do with ticket i already every day make 2 rounds not need your ticket for that , i just want the mark what i loose because i get random dc , and when i try log back
  3. What about ilia npc from aden blacksmith what missing ?
  4. What about Ilia npc who missing from blacksmith on aden ?
  5. DH ? What DH ? The clan who drop the war all time ? The clan who leave for lvl up on peace because Max hunt them in all map ? The clan who play pvp ONLY when he can win , and make strategys like LAST HIT ON BOSSES and ALL DEAD near dragon crystals for have the chances to port in ( this strategys not work since u have to see dragon more than 4 months , and about last hit u took 2 and max arround 10 on total ? Sorry my friends but DH make the game how is now ..... 0 pvp full carebear mode , 0 participation on siege ( they prefer kill raid boss on this time atleast before ) . Anyway not reason fo
  6. Dont worry guys , when they fix all of us will be take reward ....... One angel cat and maybe juji spawn tersi buff
  7. Hello , i read this info what u give , and i have one question . U be delete sub classes , how people can obtain paulina r grade after ? For example returning players now , they can just reset 1 sub class and they get atleast R grade for continue the game , after u delete the sub classes will be other way get paulina R grade ?
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGqI-eNABeQ
  9. Sorry bro , but u are stupid . I say what i see from streams if u have better streams or i say something wrong u can say that . U make DH looks more stupid . I give 2 streams by differend clan people just for people see both sides and also is the only what i found . I found also dudot stream but he was WITH ALT CHAR WATCHING FROM CRYSTAL WHEN HE CLAN LOOSE THE CASTLE BIG LOL . I will put this one here to for people watch this to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGqI-eNABeQ so your clan sub leader (exeqtor) play with half pt , your leader elmaniaco not use he dragon bow stg 1 , and dudot ( i th
  10. I see exeqtor , how can i know if he have full pt or not during siege if he not streaming ? I just thinking sub leader of DH atleast he will bring he pt ..... The only wrong what i say it was this elmaniaco not have the dragon weapon stg 1 , but how can i believe this DH leader not bring one of the stronger weapon on his clan on siege when he is online ? The member what i say is what i see by streaming people and it was 27 Max and 60 MS , about DH i say ARROUND 4 PTS and i say the reason why i say that . If u have more stream of videos u can share to us for we see also , i say about what i s
  11. Exe 1 group , elmaniaco 2 group xtec or something like that 3 groups and i am not sure if i see other . Maybe u are right elmaniaco dont use , so why he not use lol ..... And anyway the think is MS have 100% more people than Max . And DH propably dont care for this they bring only so low people ...... Owners of aden 2,5 pts ? Wtf ? U w8 MS fight for your castle ? Anyway sorry for my english .
  12. Hello to all , i want to say this 2 mins video is big bulshit . I not play anymore and i like to watch some pvp time to time , so i found 2 full siege fraps . One from wallabi from MS side ( u can see down there MS have 60 people online dont know how many of them is on siege )https://www.twitch.tv/videos/414545987 . And 1 from Lordspoyl Max side ( u can see also down there Max have 27 people online dont know how many of them was on siege https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVcrq3J7ruk . I think time for Max is bad for this they have low activity on DS because in normal sieges they have more peopl
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