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  1. A few bugs/annoyances with new patch

    Istina earring still showing stun/shock instead of confusion
  2. Clan chat text color is now the same as trade chat. Hero chat cannot be turned off. Using Sayune to Desert Quarry may get you stuck on landing, requiring teleporting back to town and trying again...or running there. 3 client limit is back.
  3. Why chronos down????

    Its just so you get use to it because tomorrow after the patch will be down most of the day
  4. For Victory quest bug

    July 12, I can confirm it is still bugged. Same goes for Confronting the Greatest Danger.
  5. I cannot seem to log in. Just me ?
  6. Is character creation working? I cannot get past email validation but I m not sure if it is just me.
  7. Account validation failing

    I tried creating an account and everything seems to be fine until I get to click on the validation link from my email.: Email verification failed. Please try again in a few minutes. Been like that for like 1 hour.
  8. For emergency maintenance or just normal after patch down ?
  9. Live Server Update: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

    5am PDT + 8h = 1pm PDT, it is right now 12:21pm PDT...thats how I did the numbers
  10. Live Server Update: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

    Per this post itself, 50 minutes
  11. Live Server Update: Wednesday, May 15, 2019

    "Due to the addition of the Soul Crystal Removal (Extraction) feature, the Soul Crystal fees for R-grade and above weapons have been changed as seen below." R99 Gemstone (R-grade) 335 → 170 5,266 → 170 BEST DAY EVER ! ppl who added second SA lately be crying a lot soon...
  12. Ultimate Eternal Gear

    I just came back to the game and was certainly not checking the forums. But, what guarantee us we are going to have PvE+PvP set and not just not have it like the R99 version ?
  13. Is this some gear other regions got in past updates or some gear some other regions (us maybe too?) get in Fafurion ? I saw these in l2wiki and now Im puzzled.
  14. Well you can now be a bot yourself, and legit!
  15. Yes please ! Give us new weapons, or new armor...or even a new dragon please !