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  1. Wait until wednesday meybe then with some help of baby jesus in a sky we will get a server with no lag but even then I dont think so. Like people said problem is countless bots in server who are spamming actions like crazy. Don't forget nowadays 90% of players are yuls and fheos that use mouse macro and literally ddos server with millions of actions.
  2. Are we really complaining about the thing that you have to drag stones into a window now ?
  3. Can someone explain me why is worth killing mobs in dragon valley with maestro 106lvl in a party with 3 healers and 3 tanks to give him perma invincibility so he wouldn't die in 1 hit?
  4. If you have started game recently there is no chance in competing with players that have been in this server for decade it's something that you must accept. If you are tired of playing the game solo like 99% of people try to find like minded people and make a CP. And enjoy interaction with actual people. If that isn't going to help just quit the game because nothing will ever change
  5. And that new gucci jacket is not cheap meybe he should ask NCsoft to lower price of it too?
  6. That's what i just said didn't I? There is ways to trigger lady luck skill when enchanting stuff more luck you have more chance it has to trigger if you don't stuff by trying to trigger ladyluck skill meybe that is the problem now?
  7. How the hell do you inform people about enchant rates if there is thing called Luck stat in game. If someone who has 43 luck atempts enchanting Cloak and doesn't have a single luck skill to trigger he will fail most of the enchantments.Yet you all complain that this event is shitty with low enchant rates and yet somehow you ppl spend 200 dollars on it.Game was trying to ef over stupid ppl for many years now and did anyone learn their mistakes for countless posts. DON'T LIKE THE EVENT DON'T BUY THE STUFF!!!
  8. People asked for atleast an exp boost if they can't fix lag. Now when they did what most of you asked complaints again? why?
  9. @JujiWhen I started getting this lag long time ago was at exactly same time as when soulshot bug got fixed (when soulshots wouldn't trigger). Meybe a fix for that problem had something to do with attack-delay.
  10. Thank you we needed server upgrades badly. Keep up good work
  11. What kind of upgrade will it be? Is it hardware upgrade or just reduction in monsters on server?
  12. Just to say few things. I'm very upset about this situation it is infuriating at this point. We got some server upgrades Juji said and it looked like it was ok for a bit but then lag started again. Now with so many toons on afk macro farming in blazing/altar/phantasmal/bloody where there is 1000s of mobs more then before update server can't handle the load again. I am not a dev of this game nor any game in general but I can put two points together. I asked support team about promised server upgrades and they told me to wait for official post on forums. I know that Juji and dev team doesn't wo
  13. Honestly I am still lagging my friends in clan say that they are fine and don't have any lag. I mean what is going on is it lagging only in some countries/internet providers because i have contacted ISP many times and they keep telling me it's all good. Do I need to change my ISP now this confusing as hell.
  14. If you are a free player or a player who buys prestige pack only you are out of luck for this update since lower lvl zones got completely removed basically. For people with higher PVE gear things stayed the same because timed zones wasn't touched and about a drop rate in primeevil island I didn't seem to notice a difference with all runes after update i get 8-12 scrolls per/h. New instances are hear for exp I believe not for drop since when we do them as 5 ppl my 105 iss makes 1.2%. Those new boxes on paper looked so good with all these items in reward list but we only see adenas and my friend
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