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  1. It would be very cool Idea i could change my fists to a spear and farm faster and when im done just change back to my fists it would be very cool. The problem is pricing and man hours of doing it. It wouldn't be for in-game stuff it would for Ncoins ofcourse and since they have been fixing servers for a month with no results i doubt it they would even look at this idea. They would just ignore it like everything else we write ...

    He's totally correct i mean it's not easy to farm items but now with macro when you're not actively playing just leave macro and have some items at the end. When we had 15 th anniversary event drops were insane i farmed 46b just in mats during event and had 2 full wh and a bit of robe parts and I didn't see any parties around me.
  3. I literally waited 2 mins and started playing. Is 2 minutes too long? It took me 57 seconds to make this post. Is that a lot of time? So many questions indeed
  4. Known Issue: Server Latency

    If you take time to think people who were farming adenas in AF (like myself) had to buy prestige pack and 200% drop rune pack and emperors buffs so we were spending real money in game we were contributing monthly and when you add them together it comes up 60 or more bucks monthly. I didn't think we were the problem but hey what do i know I'm just a random guy online.
  5. I don't get it the server is lagging for 99% of people and you want everyone to stop fixing lags and get you new event. I just don't get it.
  6. Known Issue: Server Latency

    Lag started for me a couple weeks after Fafurion update right when SS got fixed. As i said before in other post it was there but it was playable. A good point to check would when guys did something with SS and i think ranking system is not the cause of it but it managed to completely brake the servers.
  7. Is maintenance team aware what is causing lag? And will it be adressed during maintenace?
  8. Server Down

    I'm just asking because i started to lag again is anyone lagging too? It was fine like for an hour and then after it started again. Is there any progress on this situation? It would be nice to be updated.
  9. Lag Issues

    This Issue was there right after Fafurion update when i upgraded my weapon into krishna one. It started lagging same like now but it wasn't very frequent so I just decided to blame it on my internet then the lag got stronger after a new launcher update and yesterday it became unplayable. I just dont get how can this be happening its like we are being forced to quit and stop playing the game that we like. Every other game works fine for me Guild Wars 2 is playable Dota 2 is aswell so it cant be my internet or PC. I'm just disappointed I'ts like SS lag again that didn't get fixed for months but that was playable at least.
  10. Creating English Speaking CP

    Creating English speaking PVE CP LVL 101 For instances Time: GMT-0 22.30 We would be doing Balok, Tavern, Istina, Octavis, Tauti, Ekimus both normal and epics. There is no gear requirements but everyone must have a 1 box of lvl 99. Pm Bujbujas on Naia server to join or ask any further questions.
  11. Disappointing

    But If you spend 1k on this event and sell boxes you can buy lvl5 jewel no problem and have loads of change according to my calculations. There is plenty of jewels for sale by ppl who made them already. Making them yourself is just nuts.
  12. Insane prices

    It's Hard to bare with these p2w mechanics ,but they are everywhere.I guess if prices would be lower ppl would be more willing to spend money on Ncoins but is that a solution that everyone is happy? We just recently had an event like 15th anniversary that boosted item drop rates and adena amount and by having drop rune 200% and prestige rune from subscription pack pas i was able to farm nearly 1b a day just from hitting creeps and picking up their drop. It took me 4-5 hrs a day to do it i mean thats fair i suppose but now that event has finished i am not able to do that anymore. Farming Instance is almost pointless now as they give almost no drop anymore. All im saying L2Store can stay as i spend 100-200 squid per month on it and im happy with what im doing but there should be a way to farm adenas in game also. If we take all the ways for casuals like me enjoy the game we dont have a core game anymore and with that gone even big guys will feel it as they have to sell items they get from rbs and dragons. Who will be left to buy them? I'ts scary, but i guess that's reallity we have to accept.