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  1. Do we get a code for a compensation pack? LoL
  2. Will you be giving out GM buffs after maintenance? Me you long time.
  3. Cool edits. I wouldn't call 0.05% "nice" xp though. Compared to L2 gind @ Lv79 pre-GoD, it's an improvement. Back then, the best solo spot in the game would give 0.01% per hour if you continuously clear the entire area. But I understand the business model... NCsoft needs customers to play as frequent as possible.
  4. Now this is what I would call a compensation! Thank you, @Hime.
  5. Lots of amateurish suggestions coming from people who don't have a clue of NCsoft's hardware specs & network stats or software programming.
  6. @Hime @Juji @Conguero So what's the 411 on the missing items on the list? Happy Snow Exchange Item Name Coin Price Greater Vital Stone Lv. 1 (1-Day) 15 Greater Garnet Lv. 1 (1-Day) 15 Greater Tanzanite Lv. 1 (1-Day) 15
  7. Expertise Runes

    Which option & name of the NPC in which town? Because I'm still not seeing it in Aden or Heine.
  8. Expertise Runes

    Expertise Rune Packs will be exchangeable for Powerful Fish through Fishing Guild Members in each town until June 19, 2019 @Conguero @Juji @Cyan @Hime I've checked the Fishing Guild Member in Aden & didn't see an option for exchanging my Expertise Rune for Powerful Fish. Am I overlooking it?
  9. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 29, 2019

    Fixed What's this?
  10. I remember. These were fun times. This was when skill & knowledge of game mechanics mattered. I was competing with maxed level heroes, equiped with the best gear. My low level nuker & summoner, equiped with mediocre gear, were winning on Hindemith. I could've easily been a permanent hero but I was too busy clubbing & partying with girls back then. I barely played 3-5 hours per week. Not this pay2win platform of today. I see so many unskilled high level players with top gear & not knowing anything about their class, strategy or the game. It's all about how much you're willing to spend now.
  11. Seriously?! <Patch Notes>

    It did before GoD.
  12. Cursed Sword Akamanah/Zariche

    Actually it was. I've never played on illegal servers. Only NCwest retail.