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  1. you need to calm down kid, no1 force you to read the wealth of info in my posts....not sure what you crying about well its called a game, it means you are supposed to actually play it......instead you watch your macro play4you = not really a game some people have fun looking their toon playing the game like its a TV show or something, but I would rather actual have stuff to do in game besides macro4life
  2. well you seem to be new here, so I will enlighten you a little bit.....hope you can read first of all this service was already offered at 1 point back in 2009ish...….secondly, this community been asking for the same things for years and most of it goes unacknowledged and unanswered....
  3. actually the situation of the queue is due to server reaching its maximum capacity of players...…...stop spreading misinformation
  4. not sure why you crying for faster stuff, since this game is based on watching the game grind your life away for you and taking literally years to do it if you can do it so fast why you complain on doing it faster? +12 earring is better than some epic jewels....every1 should get it easy? they are changing the questing areas anyways, they should have added more like 3 years ago for grind and quest...…...but they can barely do a weekly restart PS> its your own fault for being a regular customer...NCscam did not make you pay to watch the game play for you
  5. solution is play another game, or join a less populated server
  6. people were asking for more stuff to do since b4 this lag became an issue, more than a year now don't hold your breath....you could probably learn English b4 they fix or change anything
  7. so if they are free cakes, and you made the not-so-smart choice of using them during lag that's been going on for a year....sounds more like failure, not success
  8. no1 is forcing you kidz to play yo dualclass...its yo choice, so make the right decision personally I think they need to get rid of the dualclass and bring back stone of destiny...yea, you have to reroll....but who gaf? you kidz pay to watch yo macro kill 120k monsters for you
  9. calm down kid, its just a game whats this "we" stuff? you and the other 19 real ppl playing? or you and the other 5k bots on server? get real kid bro im just splaining you how is it, because you seem to be new to this issues
  10. no, these server issues started a while back even at light population, which is less than max load capacity of the server you random casual noobs need to learn its the bots causing the lag, they hack the server....literally
  11. well maybe you should know better than to play during lag, or pay $ for items in a game that's constantly laggy….this "lag" been going on for long time, noob seems is probly user error if you are wasting items because of lagz
  12. why are you brezzing your toons during 0 xp loss event? kinda noob move and wasting scrolls, maybe that's why you not succeeding in this game?
  13. wtf would you need a drop rate rune for? not sure which cave of the uninhabited world you crawled out of, but there hasn't been drops in L2 in years
  14. they actually gave you free items, gear and xp buffs during this lag stuff that's been going on for over a year this servers have lag because of all the bots, noobs did you know bitcoin mining machines take multiple graphics cards with cpu's with multiple threads just to mine bitcoin? this game only reads 1-2 threads, noob but yea I agree, NCscam always screwing the customer or trying to scam them
  15. actually you are wrong again....your only responsibility is not sharing account info if you are getting scammed in 2020 you should probably find a new game noob #slave2game
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