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  1. Jeezas Crist! On one hand I am amazed, on the other I am curious how far can you take ypur incompetence! Has anyone even logged in from your staff? Impossible to play is an understatement.. it is crap! I saw russian servers with 10k online and no lag at all and then from official this... my god!
  2. Hello, When everyone read the patch notes and saw drop rates are not influenced by vitality they were all excited. FALSE Both Aden Treasure Chest and Ether ARE influenced by vitality. Nice fail aggain NC West!
  3. Chinese sellers rubbing their hands NC West staff rubbing the top of theeir heads Top spenders getting out new credit cards Mid and f2p players googleing eu l2 server address All categories of players quiting (a few big names included) Looking for transfer service to eu server! I will write to NC Soft HQ about that..
  4. Juji: Talk to the hand! ?? Hime: I don't even want to raise my hand...
  5. + Not that the NC West staff would care..
  6. Nice that you answer selectively. Very professional as always! ... NOT How did the devs intend for people to get the Atlas earring? In EU it appears they intended for people to buy it with mentee coins, the huge ammount of mentee coins that you deemed to be useless in your lol update. Why did you increase the number of mentee coins? Will there be a higher need for unbind scrolls? You see how you guys look?
  7. How will people be able to get the Atlas earring then? L2store right? Bcs you are that greedy! Milk the old players for money on things new players get for free
  8. Expecting NC West staff to answer is like expecting the Sahara to be flooded ... it might happen once every half a million years or so but most likely not...
  9. You must be kidding! Why would you give more mentee coins then? To buy more useless crap? There either is a revamp of the mentee system or there is not. Can you guys be more incompetent? Retorical.. we know you can!
  10. If you upgrade an exalted weapon do you also get better bonuses thaan the initial exalted weap? Anyone from core knows? (i do not expect any l2 staff to know or care)
  11. Isn't l2 a 32 bit process? That would mean that even if you have 64 bit os and lots of ram a 32b app can only use max 2 gb of ram
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