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  1. Exp is a NIGHTMARE, farm is a NIGHTMARE.

    how to dont quotes you... +1 on any point. also why monsters sometime dont drop adenas? i have prestige. the game daily is kartia and primeval, after you can put ur char in macro and shut down ur monitor again.
  2. Hello when will finish this hell lag?
  3. [REQUEST] Istina's-Octavi's-Tauti's BOTTLES available

    We need back the bottles to makes enanched bracelets and then we can transform in ARIA's Bracelets!!! And also make tradables Enanched Bracelets and ARIA'S bracelets!! It's UNBELIEVEBLE old chars has it and i cant make
  4. [REQUEST] Istina's-Octavi's-Tauti's BOTTLES available

    Really why that ridicolous decision?!
  5. Hello, I think is very UNFAIR to remove quests bottles and old ppl have ehnanced bracelets while new ppl can't make. I've abandoned long time ago and i was doing the others quest to get the final quest and now i cant. Very nice job. The fact is: ALL must have a chance to get something that exist in game! will you implement again? soon? we need an answer from the staff.