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  1. Ps. if ncwest continue in this direction like the biggest expensive events on Internet that i dont see in any other games + make only hardly extreme the difficult the gamelife instead to nerf i'll directly quit from here. TO balance u have to increase other classes, not nerf everyone coz here is hardly difficult
  2. what's going on? the speed is impressive slower that i need to kill some mobs of group, plus the exp is very very very annoying and i think ill do only dailies. I'll stay macro exp Only when u will increase boosts and pt bonus. and maybe ill buy goodies then on l2store during exp. For the moment i cancel subscription Prestige coz is totally wasted and useless, and i save even my elettricy bills.
  3. yea nc company dont know the limit to push hard the pockets of customers. Personally i've stopped buy everything, even Prestige is cancelled, totally useless. Immagine spend around 100/150eur every event but is totally useless and wasted of money trust me. Game is too broken, they push too much on pockets, every events required and ask to spend u too much money or you stay a Keltir char.
  4. I really love see top spenders come here to cry when lose finally a monopolized stuff. ahahahahah. "Make pvp zone QQ i've putted thousands of money to monopolyze everything" yea, what make pvp if it's broken since this game became a broken luxury casinò for top spenders? Sometime before talk you have to think what's the global situation of stuff. But i know when top spenders lose a Monopoly of something is hard to accept.
  5. Ncwest...really. Since when you promise to fix? u are nicest to put gambles stuff and earn $$$$ but to put staff to work serious we dont talk about it?
  6. I think the Emergency is already done. Don't search now fantasy excuses please....just they have to work now as all other ppl.
  7. Maybe is time finally to delete this frustrating method of verification code, where if u lose internet connection u have to waste times for useless point. We have pin, password, you can put registration device if wants, like all others systems. After if you are a completely idiot and u get scam, is ur business, again, like all other systems.
  8. Personally i bought but when i reached the limit of the hard cost, scams event and completely ghost support, i stopped to support them, coz i feel like a sheep idiot by their behavior and im not a sheep and an idiot. You strike the point: when the game is more rewarding and less costs/scam, more ppl and new incomers will spend to support them. Nobody is telling is free here omg, look every single events and farm nerfings. What we are talking about?
  9. They don't understand that to have change their ISP for the PRIORITY. Then can check db issues etc. The Major problem is their isp sh1et.
  10. No dude, is not Madonna, is you and some other guy geared in minority that strikes that dont understand nothing and the problems but ur'e happy to play solo geared and lucky clan. We are not talking like some idiot say "she want be competitive right now with others top clan", we are talking to have a basilar gameplay accessible, funny, and that keep new ppl to stay here with us. It's ok to spend something, but hey, we are talking of expensives thousand of euros. We are talking of Monthly hard expensives events to get craps only, Maybe ur'e rich, but is not problem of the most comunity.
  11. what are you saying? they can control the exp party with pt bonus exp, just simply they dont want it and you have to complain to them. Korea want this, with other economy and most of ppl are geared fine. Here not, we need solidarity party exp bonus coz only ppl geared will exp a little little, all others can only sux and at the end get boring and uninstall l2. I don't understand btw some personality here in forum that defend ncwest or think we are fine. Maybe you geared are fine, for you is everything ok. But the reality is completely different. Ncwest
  12. @Juji @Hime Explain us, that's all this week? WHAT KIND OF OPTIMIZATION TO THE TIMED HUNTING ZONES ?!! another ninja nerf ?! really, explain why are IGNORING completely XP party bonus that all are asking ?!
  13. @Juji @Hime Explain us, that's all? WHAT KIND OF OPTIMIZATION TO THE TIMED HUNTING ZONES ?!! another ninja nerf ?!! really, explain why are IGNORING completely XP party bonus that all are asking ?!
  14. I don't have any words for ur behavior, for requiring long times to take actions and developers incompentence. But ur'e fantastic to make events gamble-scam slot fruit machines hard expensives Official game unbelievable.
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