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  1. @Juji It is very encouraging to see so many things being corrected in game. LCoin Store, Nerfing GC/AL/DV etc, and now making all epics lvl 85 is another great step in the right direction. If L2 is every truly going to be great again, you need to reinstate some sort of client limit. I know this will be very unpopular with some of the botters and adena sellers, and I am not even 100% sure it can be done fairly and effectively. But look at the dice event....as great as it was, those who bot or loop 24/7 and can run dozens of characters through a day get multiple times the rewards. And f
  2. This is very good news. Please implore them to reinstate value to selling keys/mats to the NPC. Having to manage inventory and weight now is just a tedious chore. There are no buy shops for keys and mats. While the idea behind it is great, it is not practical. With the amount of gear dropping from mobs/raids and the rediclous cost of cloth and A-gems, crafting is just not viable. Also please add our names back above out health bar. With looping coming back, it will be hard to manage tiled clients without a name associated with each one. And please add buffs/debuffs bac
  3. the only logical explanation for this is that NCSoft purchased or made a deal with the bot developer, and is now getting a cut of all bot subscriptions.
  4. I honestly dont see how the game survives this. I think you killed it. This patch will even force botters to go full bot. No more looping half a party with only a few toons on bot, you will now force even the botters to make a choice. And how many of them will pay to have their whole parties on bot when 80% of the server has quit? Wow, just wow. This game deserves to die so NCSoft is forced to fire the people responsible for killing the game.
  5. Wow, they really destroyed this game worse than was even imaginable. I mean, wow. The amount of money spent on runes and starter packs to create and level loops parties to farm adena, thrown in the trash. And here I was thinking that making mats and keys worthless was the worst thing you could do for the game, you said "hold my beer" and proceeded to take a giant steaming poop in the heads of your customers. You have literally just given people 2 choices, quit or bot. GG NCsoft, all that will be left after today is botters.
  6. Well now we know why Agathion Soul never dropped in our version of classic, they were waiting to give them to us in a P2W event At least Red Libra will sell 1st buffslot books for 4m adena, thats a bone. @Hime What about your Winter of War patch notes? Any changes that we requested? There are many questions left unanswered... 1. What will be the price of Blessed Spiritshots if you are removing regular Spiritshots from game? 2. What will happen to existing Spiritshots? 3. Do you still plan make mats and keys have no NPC value?
  7. I cant imagine a worse set of ideas than this patch. There is so much that needs to be fixed, but instead you just break whats left even more. With the nerfed adena rates, its already nearly impossible to cover the cost of shots, but now you will remove Spiritshots and force mages to use Blessed Spiritshots? You already made crystals almost worthless by removing SS craft from game, and now you will lower the adena value of crap items? Noone is crafting anyway, and now you make mats and keys worthless as well? WTF, seriously? Maybe this would be ok if you tripled the adena rate or somethi
  8. WTF is up with Agathion's Souls? Wiki says it drops from every boss starting at basicly lvl 60. I have done thousands of bosses, have never seen or even heard of one dropping on TI server.
  9. yes. it would be nice to keep it going while we use our runes.
  10. 7 day rune is 2,000 NCoin normally, but for Black Friday event, you will sell us 2 of them for 4,800 NCoin? You think throwing in a handful of fruit buffs makes this a deal? You should be embarrassed to have to share this news.
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