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  1. On the surface it seems nice that ncwest would start this thread for all of us "adventurers" to come and share our thoughts in a constructive manner so that possible changes could be made to improve the current game. We need to face certain facts however, ncwest is a publisher of the game...they dont have any real power to effect changes here.all they can really do is gather the information,translate it (incorrectly most likely) and send if to the Korean overlords so they can throw it away. ncwest isnt the author of this story they simply publish it so you can purchase it. they didnt buil
  2. I remember a distant time when this game actually enjoyable. Games like this are meant to be an escape from reality. You should look forward to going home and logging in and playing this game...I certainly do not anymore. I will still afk do like everyone else, but I can not spend any more money on this garbage. Madden 21 comes out next week so I will have something to play for a few months. Maybe see some of you guys there.
  3. I remember a time when You actually looked forward to updates. I have been around since 2004 (yes took several extended breaks) I remember c2..c3...all of the wonderful updates since. I even would take the day off work so I could update and login and see what types of new content was available. When did that change? I would say for the last few years each time an update is launched I login and see wth ncsoft has done to make my grind more difficult. I mean updates should improve the game...not make people quit...why do I cringe when I see updates now? It’s because they suck...complete trash..
  4. I started on devianne in 2004 as well shortly after retail. I miss hunting in fields around starter towns such as de village I would get low on health and have to try and outrun spiders from the swamp and they would chase you a helluva long way before stopping. I miss soda..I miss cruma and believe it or not I miss the days when you couldn’t afford soul shots or to even teleport. I remember riding the boat to talking island. I miss the days when clans really meant something and you needed them to xp. I still play today and have taken multiple breaks but this game is not even close to the ga
  5. Well last week mob in alligator island gave 20+ bill which tbh I think was 27 bill and now gives 3-4 bill. I have a screen shot of what 110 solo instance gave from 4/14/20. Will compare to what it gives today when I get home. But if I recall from last night it was 1-2bwhich on 4/14 was 12.5b
  6. Next week...similar to when the lag will be fixed....lol j/k
  7. Before this update I would get .16 per mob at alligator island, after update it’s .02. Vitality is applied at 200% Normally , so we have lost total of 250% with the server setting being reversed to normal rates. Does this seem to add up correctly then? I’m not great at math by any means but it doesn’t seem correct.
  8. I have recently returned as well and the only way that I found you can get that gear is when you get to 105 and get a subclass. Could be wrong of course but that’s what I have found.
  9. I logged in Wednesday directly after maintenance and was shocked...I had no lag...you could barely see my hands moving..I even recorded a short video I was so amazed. 4 hours later I was extremely disappointed to see how sluggish my GK had become (recorded short video again) This is absurd and really shows the lack of respect ncsoft has for its customers. Truly this can not be this difficult to figure out. I believe it’s a simple lack of trying to fix it because it isn’t really costing them any $$$$
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