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  1. i want normal attack critical rate and damage modifiers of dagger on my archer
  2. I had no clue that there are so many envious and clueless people on servers when it comes to archer class and so many people with poor knowledge of game in general. It's funny to read all the comments of people who probably never played archer.
  3. Like some people already said our problem is that we are getting update made for Korean servers with their needs and desires. But bigger problem is that every next update will be like that also and we will have even bigger problem since they have much better gear and need less xp per level so they are progressing faster than us. Unless @Juji and @Hime make some drastic changes we are in big trouble in future. We need better xp spots and better gear to catch up with Koreans and even Europeans who already have dragon weapon as average weapon there. Also big problem is that our game changed
  4. i am pretty sure what @HandsVSkills wrote was 100% sarcasm
  5. Actually much worse feature is the one in which so called "PVP" clans declare wars on pve and under geared clans to avoid fight for spot with few people who can defend them self. Please remove 5 kills to activate war feature, since each clan has some people who would want to protect them self and their pve spot but cant since that would activate war and rest of clan who cant protect them self would suffer. This is feature which people abuse to avoid pvp for xp spots and the same people later complain how there is no pvp on server
  6. its trick to get up faster
  7. First problem is we don't have GM, there are only 2 people working here and i bet none of them have any clue how to change code of the game. Its safer for them to just do nothing than to make even bigger mess. They can always say "We can't do it Korea does not let us", its easier than "We have no clue how to do it".
  8. Archer has its advantages and disadvantages, anyone who thinks archer is god given best for all toon has never played it , probably was just watching some video of stacked toons 1 shoot things
  9. Play on EU, its closer which means less latency and its 6-7x cheaper to buy stuff from l2 store
  10. Its like that for a long time, you cant use Minds Eye and Counter Instinct, also cant use at same time Savage and Dragon Rage buff from dragon shirt
  11. ROFL at those who think that banning 20 people that spend money and cheat will destroy servers, actually when people hear that gm's actually ban people and servers are starting to look what it used to be 10 years ago, that is only reason they may return. I have lots of rich friends who play other games or illegal servers and say "I wouldnt touch anything on ncwest with all bots, corruption and lack of gms", which might play here if servers were without cheaters and normal to play. Problem is servers have bad reputation for years and would take some time to lose it.
  12. Already wrote in other topic but to repeat for those with slower learning capabilities. To sum it up, some people asking that you cant participate in sieges unless you have wars and yet they hold castles for months on alt clans with no wars. Hypocrisy at its finest form
  13. To sum it up, some people asking that you cant participate in sieges unless you have wars and yet they hold castles for months on alt clans with no wars. Hypocrisy at its finest form
  14. if I remember correctly if your stance doesn't match element of weapon, element of weapon wont be applied.
  15. Because this is place with biggest amount of sheep of all servers. Only place where they can do what they do, all other regions would protest or stop buying coins
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