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When will Agathion Charms added to our Agathion System ?


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On 4/10/2018 at 8:10 PM, Draecke said:

as the open issues/feedback topic about Salvation update got archived without actually addressing the issue I'll repost it here

so when will the dimensional merchant dialog for exchange agathion -> charms fixed as right now it's still missing ?


to be clear NCWest is the only L2 Export Region that doesn't have a working Agathion CHARMS System

here's the details from NCTaiwan which is identical to that of EU/RU: http://tw.ncsoft.com/lineage2/news/notice/view.aspx?nn=312




@Juji & @Hime can you advise when / if we will get a working Agathion Charms system as we're now almost 1 year further since I posted this question before ?

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