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  1. There's a cheaper solution. Turn on your isses auto buffs on each buff. /useskill vanguard /useskill vanguard Delay (any long delay will work) Just make sure the buff is up before and after you start the macro. You can even add in some melodies if you want but leave the sonatas out of the macro so overlord will do them as they fall off.
  2. What happened to the Mentor Guide store for mentee marks getting updated? Mentor Guide still sells the same items as before. No expert mask or atlar earring.
  3. I have only noticed minor MP regen changes. It isn't as massive as before but you can still get a ton of mp regen. It was broken before.
  4. I have tried it. I have ran tanks for over a year now and not once has my tanks flagged from the toggle. It is absolutely positively impossible to flag from a toggle.
  5. 5 skill bars plus support bar would be great.
  6. That may have been the case in the past and is the case with lower amounts of gear. The opposite becomes true when you reach high patk so much so that skill power increases become negligible.
  7. The provoke toggle from the tank will NEVER ever flag you but the active taunt skills will flag you.
  8. I am almost absolutely certain that isn't possible. The two ways he is likely flagging is his other characters are flagging somehow by doing a non-target aoe skill of some sort OR someone from your healer's clan ran by your healer and was healed by your healer causing you to flag. I have personally seen this happen many times.
  9. That is because you are suspending your vitality. That is the whole point of that potion is to suspend your vitality to use your vitality later without losing/using it now.
  10. And it does what exactly? What enhancement will it do to my ruler belt? It doesn't say it on the event page. Edit: nevermind I found it on l2wiki. https://l2wiki.com/Enhanced_Ruler's_Authority Wtb authority ornament on chronos.
  11. Got any information on the authority ornament?
  12. That's not true. You can already change your race.
  13. It is VERY CLEAR that they are intended to stack. The reason it shows deton or fancy is to show the exp boost from using only one of those as they give the same 50% boost. The total exp boost shown in the table gives a 9x experience boost. Without the deton it would only be a 7.5x exp boost. The deton potion won't work at all with or without a fancy rod. It is bugged for some reason.
  14. Does the skill power apply to magic skill power?
  15. It has for sure been around for at least 2-3 years. Much much longer than 1 year. I vaguely remember it causing me to fail Dim Warp and that was about 4 years ago. The soulshot lag lasts around 30 seconds to 1 minute and only happens every hour when the ground shakes. I always play with sound and have never noticed it happening every 30 minutes.
  16. I would love to see a cloak event soon! Hopefully with reduced prices
  17. Yeah it is definitely related to that. I actually find the ground shaking annoying as well.
  18. That would be great if that is the case with prelude to war update. Hopefully that is the reason we are slower than others to get Fafurion.
  19. I am not suggesting we make the change suggested by the OP. I am suggesting the best long term solution. It has always seemed like a bug that you can go red, then kill a few mobs and go straight from red to white faster than it would take me to go from pink to white after I hit another player. That is obviously unintended and an oversight by NcSoft.
  20. According to the description of physical skills, it would not be a 5% damage difference... unless your patk was 1. The higher your patk is, the less noticeable skill power is. Skill power + p.atk = damage M.Skill power x m.atk = damage Huge difference in the forumulas for magic and physical.
  21. It is way overdue that we get this feature that all other regions have!
  22. That is obviously not the cause of the hourly soulshot lag. The soulshot lag has been around for 2-3 years consistently every single hour on the hour. Shining scroll of growth have only been around for a year or so.
  23. The solution is easy. Make it so you go pink (flagged) after you burn karma. It never should have been so easy to burn off your karma anyway and you should especially stay flagged after burning karma.
  24. You have to defeat merkios, the final boss.
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