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Will Saviors Hero Pack be avaliable for european players?


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According to the official Lineage II Classic: Saviors Registration Event Terms which can be found below,
european residents are not eligible for the Saviors Hero Pack. is this a mistake? because it would be absurd since you have game servers in european time-zones. 

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The pack will contain:


Each Eligible Player satisfying the Event Registration Process during the Registration Period will receive the Gift Pack. Gift Pack: The in-game Saviors Hero Pack (a total approximate retail value of US$45.00) includes: (a) Ring of Savior; (b) Eva’s Mark; (c) Mount – Elk (30-day); (d) XP/SP Rune – 50% (7-day); and (e) Timed Weapon Exchange Coupon (D-grade) (collectively, the “Gift Pack”). All costs associated with acceptance or use of the Gift Pack are the sole responsibility of the Eligible Player. The Gift Pack is non-transferable and has no cash value. The Gift Pack may not be upgraded, and no substitutions by an Eligible Player will be allowed. N

According to the document added in the details when you register itself.

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