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FREE TELEPORT if not touch the adena rates


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I'm still wondering how can you guys have problems with adenas. In every level-range there's at least 1 boosted zone that allows you to get enough adenas. 
1-20, no problem.
Hit lv 24-25 and then go Orc Barracks or Forgotten temple (if you manage to find a free room, ofc, or just do a PK char, not that someone's gonna notice and hit back. If you know what i mean).
40+ cruma tower (pretty much soloable if you have decent gear/buffs) and aden daily (if you're lucky you can get at least 160k+ adena from EAC or even more from EWC).
50+ FOM.
55+ EV.

Here ya go. This is quite an easy schedule. 
If you're spending adenas to port around to do FOM+AI+Aden, ofc you may run low on adenas, but just be smart and you'll make it. There is no need to rush for level up (even 'cause you don't get enough SPs for skills so there's no reason for that) so take ur time. Once you hit 46 farm both aden dungeons + FOM. Forget about AI, useless. If you want to go farm a bit then you may pick between Sea of Spores or Ivory (even tho those places are infested by "Insects", if you're mage is easy KS, if not just stun them 'till they die) or just go Cruma and you'll be able to get XP+Adena+Drops. 

It's true that they broke all rates 'cause they need to push their pay-to-win, but just switch on ur brain and get urself a "plan" before doing things. I know it's hard for those coming from privates that are just used to spam "alt+b" and get everything done with 0 effort, but this is the "official" server sooo you gotta sweat a bit. 

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Im not only talkid about Adena, im in a plan to get more populated gludio server, not only put (Recommended) in server list...
Try some to get mor ppl activa in Gludio, anyway if u are 50+ and make Dungeon+Fom+Farm, need a lot of time to run, if u expend 4 hours in the game, at last can take 150k each day only for afford SS and TPs

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