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I need your advice


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I play for several years with some breaks, of course, with necro. The l2 since I started is quite different. My question is to start the official with the necro that I already know ? or choose wynn that has several advantages and is a more economical class and i can learn it. (necro knowledge is important ?)

I would like your opinion though it is something completely personal.

(advantage: class to be good in macros, class which I will enjoy in the game)

thanks :)

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Wynn becomes useless after lvl 101, no one will take you to any faction parties, you'll have trouble completing your quests. In order to keep playing you will need to invest heavily in gear, but since all the new fancy items scale horribly to pets you will get little or close to no benefit for a very high price. NC Soft refuse to address players' concerns expressed on this forum multiple times.

Feohs on the other hand are needed in almost every party and seem to be doing decent dmg even with average gear.

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