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How Viable is the Hell Knight today?


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Good day guys, I have read all the info here in the SIGEL section, I'm Looking for opinions from Hell Knights! How Viable is the tank now? PVE/PVP/OLY/COC? 

Is there any reason to start a HK now, or simply pick another? 

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it's fine up to lvl 101, once you get the improved aura's things will really change and many posts about those changes have already been made on old & this forum

just see how you like the HK play style and if you feel you're doing fine - for example the easiest & less "good" gear required tank to play is TK

it all depends on your expectations, resources - be that time investment or adena/l2store etc and what your end goal is ?

having said the above the truth is that HK is by far the most "challenged" class to play and the least favored for PVP for the obvious reason on how elemental defense/patt scales these days and HK is just the weakest tank in that regard..

if PVE and in particular instances/raids are your thing then HK has alot to offer


anyways as said before just go read the few specific topics that already exist on tanks below here as it's all mentioned at least 3x before by others & better then my fail summary here :)


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Hallo, hey, we are doing good, thanks. The thing is, the other are just doing better, specially in the defensive department.

If you know what a HK has to offer, have played it before and have some idea of what it offers now, chances are you'll be alright and will enjoy your journey. If you have no idea and wanna be HK just because, maybe you should consider another tank

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Big Story Short:

- Phoenix Knight: Has 25% more pdef/mdef than HK

- Evas Templar: Has 15% more pdef/mdef 150 more elemental resistance than  HK

With same gear... Now the "offensive build" is a lot weaker than before, but HK can solo better than other tanks due panther and some boost to his own atack. Dont be wrong, to deliver damage panther only debuff mobs for crt damage and tank has to deliver... 
Honestly no point on farming solo with a tank, tanks are wanted, on pve, for Aoe farming and there defensive tanks are better. (consider the same gear) 

For mass pvp all tanks are fine, Evas is better due his sharing 100 element def to party, but all tanks can deliver their thing on mass pvp.

Oly well all are ok, HK can deliver more damage and his reflect is OK. but you are less tanky than defensive tanks with same gear..

CoC tanks sucks.... 

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