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L2 store update

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Greetings , 

I've seen the last month there's permanent in l2store promo items like shirts and abu talismans,

@Juji is there any chance to introduce cloaks and brooch jewels also as l2store items aswell soon ?

Many people need these items to improve their gear and i believe it's also good opportunity to recover market , cuz nowdays its almost dead. 




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Would be nice to see these items in l2store permanently. By introducing past events items aka cloaks,circlets brooch jewels in l2store permanently is a win win situation. Also in new update we lack of levels , gear etc to handle out with new xp areas. Levels wont be a problem since added x200% xp rune pack or even 100%, but i'm sure the majority of people lack some gear improvements. Also this would be a chance to reduce the gap among tier 1- 3 players somehow.

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