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  1. The lag somehow ended up worse then before.
  2. Tell Us About Your Computer

    I7 9700K with a Nvidia 2060 game still runs like crap.
  3. PRESTIGE PACK Drop Rate Math Question!

    Bro, they would not sell an item in this game that would give you a chance to get all the items that a mob drops since a mob typically has multiple items in their drop table, with your math you are implying you have 100.001% chance that everything will drop from a mob. With my math which I believe is correct is you have a higher chance for items to drop by 0.10% if the drop rate is at a base of 0.001%. @Juji Can you back me up on this and provide the correct math if I am wrong.
  4. PRESTIGE PACK Drop Rate Math Question!

    Yes I do. It is a simple math problem. No. You are dealing with different percentages with different decimal points.
  5. PRESTIGE PACK Drop Rate Math Question!

    The math is 0.001% x 100% meaning the drop rate of the item will be 0.10% I hope this is helpful.
  6. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, October 9, 2019

    Learn to use the forums then. Dev Tracker is the 3rd tab next to "Live" and "Classic" all you gotta do is open your eyes.
  7. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, October 9, 2019

    Use dev tracker. Juji already answer the client number question.
  8. I don’t think you understand how networking works. If I were you I would stop posting about “Priority” as it is an outrageous accusation. Instead of investing time and energy into this subject, why not just focus on getting a better connection? good luck and welcome to Lineage 2
  9. Well, get some friends that are able to stay on and grind so they are able to defend you while you auto assist off them. There are solutions, people just need to apply them.
  10. You have the ability to set yourself up afk to farm, stop complaining about drop rates and utilize the resources you have. This is a korean mmo which means things take time to get. Get over it.
  11. NA Server With Euro time Events Only

    So you are just here to troll the forums and add nothing productive since you are out of the loop? @Juji @Hime
  12. NA Server With Euro time Events Only

    Why are you even here? Didnt you quit or did you come back after the update?
  13. NA Server With Euro time Events Only

    Yeah it is BS that I can't participate in this event simply because of the times they have set... @Juji This needs to be changed.
  14. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 29, 2019

    @Juji @Cyan where is the festival information?

    Dude... not everything should be purchased through the l2 store
  16. Raid Boss Farming (big issue)

    @Juji can you comment on this?
  17. Raid Boss Farming (big issue)

    1 player should not be able to solo raid bosses. They are intended for group play not some insane wallet warrior.
  18. Disappointing

    Just sell the ones you dont want and buy the ones you do.
  19. Thanks! If you need tips on how to upgrade just hit me up and I can assist.
  20. Moon armor set

    Just delevel or farm adena for better gear. Either way you need the SP at higher levels.
  21. This new pk system is the best thing to happen to Lineage 2 in a while. It brings pvp back into the game. You either fight or you die. Welcome back to the world of Lineage 2.
  22. @Juji @Hime We appreciate the communication. Love you guys.
  23. PK harassment - suggestion.

    Welcome to the world of Lineage 2. Get some friends.