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  1. I think people are just use to seeing their dmg a little higher due to the red libra buff 24/7 for an entire month to forget that they are weak without it! I am playing archer and I see no changes.
  2. @Juji @Hime Why are you letting people who abused your system get off scott free? People who pk'd players as a form of entertainment should have to work off their Pks, they earned those pk's and when support is contacted about these players, support said they did it for the "fame" so why are you taking their "fame" away? This is unjust and a slap in the face to your player base by removing the implemented consequences. I will add that I had 61 Pks so I am not innocent, I knew the consequences when I pk'd players and so did others.
  3. How about you focus on getting stronger instead of complaining.
  4. It isn't just you I myself have had real issues with the client freezing up and lagging while my other two clients work perfectly fine. This game is really buggy and needs to be fixed. @Juji @Hime
  5. This is a slap in the face. How about you spawn nothing instead as this would be the equivalent to angel cat. The company has screwed its players for almost 24 hours with no adena and item drops without vit, I for one pay for a prestige pack and for 24 hours that 300% Adena and item drop rate rune meant nothing. This is terrible compensation and you all should be ashamed of yourselves. @Hime @Juji
  6. Next update they are introducing a new buff for mobs that can resist VR. Melee characters are going to need healers way more then the mages will so the logic is there. You just have to open your mind my man and you will find the truth.
  7. It is a good thing. Will make healers more useful.
  8. 16 years and only 1 pvp? Oof someone must have really pissed you off.
  9. @Juji @Hime are the cloaks a permanent addition to the L2 store?
  10. What it sounds like from the support ticket is you enchanted the weapon on one account and then it failed so you submitted a request to have it restored, they restored it. Then you then moved the item to a different account knowing that you would have restoration tokens on that one and proceed to enchant it again. Support caught what you were doing and said no. Welcome to Lineage 2.
  11. The lag somehow ended up worse then before.
  12. I7 9700K with a Nvidia 2060 game still runs like crap.
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