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    I understand that but you should be paid for your efforts to make the game more entertaining. you should do the follwoing 1st place to get 50% 2nd and 3rd should get 20% each. Which would leave you 10% The time that you are investing to coordinate this could be time that you could be farming so it will help balance out. If you don’t want to make a profit you could always hold a grand prize for a clan vs clan after 2 months worth. So it would look like this: 50% 1st 20% 2nd and 3rd 10% set aside for clan vs clan

    You should be taking 10% from the prize pool each fight for organizing the events. I think that is only fair.
  3. lvl 55+ exp adjustment

    1. Those people lost a lot of time which could have been used to advance to level 57 and not wasted going to level 56. 2. Whether or not the servers are having multiple events is besides the point, we are talking about a bug in the game that affected a particular population of the game and instead of specifically compensating these people they decide to interfere with the xp amount across all players. Again this is GM manipulation of the game which takes away from the “hardcore” aspect of the game that they fully advertise and continue to constantly advertise on their main website. please stop trying to defend bad practice. @Juji
  4. lvl 55+ exp adjustment

    They sell items so no it is not all free. if a company provides a service I expect correct compensation to affected customers not all customers. For reference do you expect Comcast to compensate customers that lose their internet connection in Ohio but people in all other states are also compensated when it did not even affect them? these aspect that it is a free game and get over it is silly. Yes this game is free to log into but there are services that NcSoft sells and even if people who are 56+ did not buy xp runes they still spent their time on their game. The lack of communication and also over miscommunication is getting way too much. We should be directing all this towards @Juji he is the producer and he hasn’t said anything about the xp issue and also the weapons that were restored incorrectly. @Juji does not seem to want to take accountability with the lack of responses from him.
  5. lvl 55+ exp adjustment

    When a company sells you a broken product you expect a fix and compensation for it, right? Also the compensation should souly be for the people who were affected and not the whole server, they are really taking the "classic" and "hardcore" aspect out of the game with constantly interfering with the player base gear and levels with their "miscommunication".
  6. lvl 55+ exp adjustment

    People spent money and time trying to get to level 56. The amount of Xp was almost double the normal amount. The time that people used for xp runes cost them money over time so basically NcSoft stole money simply reducing and not providing the correct compensation which would have been to give players the amount of xp that they grinded for. the thought that angel cat and future xp events is truly a slap in the face to those who already put in the work so now not only do players that were unaffected by the result now benefit so this is GM manipulation. also let’s not forget about the weapons that were restored and they did not do anything about. This company simply does not know how to run their game.
  7. lvl 55+ exp adjustment

    So you guys stole money and time with a bait and switch? Got it, also the compensation with angel cat is total garbage.
  8. [Talking Island] First Big Open Pvp

    you are swimming on land...
  9. +15% Casting Speed in D Robe Set

    Just use the NG set until 40 if you want cast speed so badly. Also for argument sakes the D grade armors are great for slowly casting but hitting hard. Would you rather cast faster and do less damage which cost more money or would you rather cast a bit slower hit harder and save money? If you choose to cast faster then use Non grade.
  10. Recovering broken weapons in OE

    If they were incorrectly restored then they need to be reverted back. Just like the @Truffle situation with the stage 3 claws to make it fair for everyone these weapons need to be removed and replaced with crystals.
  11. 2 PC's

    No, Just do not use 3rd party programs and you are fine.
  12. They are over charging. If you are paying with euros and then it is converted to dollars then you should pay less in euros to equal the dollars. @Hime @Juji can you verify that if you bought 5 dollars worth of ncoin (400 ncoin) with euros will you be charged 4.35 or 5.65 in euro? if you guys are charging 5.65 you are over charging.
  13. So if you pay in euro you now pay $5.65 in euro for 400 ncoin?
  14. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    Who said anything about Hime or Juji approving rates? I said that "They" adjusted them meaning that NcWests as a business decided to adjust them. It is Hime responsibility and Jujis responsibility to let the other teams within the Lineage 2 Classic project to let them know what our dislikes are. Here is a huge responsibility that a gaming producer has that is not being met with the community: "A producer must be proficient in both speech and the written word. Video game producers interact with various departments and the people within them, each department having their own way of communicating with the video game producer. Producers must be able to speak everyone’s language and translate between departments when needed." You may not see it but we as the community that play their game we are considered a department. We are the consumers and the most crucial part of their game even existing. Without us there would be no profit but they treat us like trash with not communication with us. This is why in my original post to Hime and I stated to not even try to communicate with us because with their current approach it is ripping their community away from this game, they will say one thing but then blind side us with another. Have a good day Krissa
  15. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    Below is what Hime stated back on November 16th. You should really read the forums and pay attention to what is said before trying to correct people on things that you do not even know. The rates were changed because the rates were incorrect and were based on another regions rates that were not approved and were not intended. They then adjusted them to approximate where they should be. Below Hime also talks about scaling. This took me 5 seconds to research, the Dev tracker is a very helpful tool and I would suggest using it before quoting people and providing incorrect information. @Hime "Some additional clarity: Free to Player service and Pay to Play service have different rates. This is true for all regions. We didn't reinvent the wheel on rates. The first rate scaling issue were based on rates from another region that we did not approve. They were lower than what we intended and we've adjusted them to approximately twice the rate they were at. That puts us now on par with other free to play region rates. Now we're on our next issue about the rates scaling. Of course what works from other free to play regions doesn't necessarily mean it works for us here so we got adjusted rates for a few Lv. 40+ zones that had scaling issues. Based on your feedback, there are more that needs to be considered. We're in constant discussions with our dev team and this is a priority issue."