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NCSOFT vs Adenas


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Bless the god that we can use in game function /Adena => Adena drop *1 , /Adena2 => Adena drop *2 and finally /Adenaraining => Adena drop *10. Yesterday in CT and EG it works very well, I try all options and it is absolutely satisfying ... Normal drop rate without in game function Adena = 0, so /Adena 0*1=0; /Adena2 0*2=0 and /Adenaraining 0*10=0, so after killing thousands mobs I got 0 adena so it WORKS :-)

I'm glad to be a part of this modern mmorpgdrainyourpocketformoney server <3 <3 <3 Move on and drop dawn exp to enjoy this game longer and longer and longer :-D :-D :-D

Btw ... mobs are passive "yippee ki yay ... " :-p

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