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Greetings Janeway,

We removed your postings because topic bumping is forbidden by our Code of Conduct, which we encourage you to regard again.
Only within threads which aim to recruit new members into a clan, bumping is allowed. Nowhere else.
It is less senseful to bump your topics and more helpful to provide additional information like screenshots for example.
That helps us to look into your problem more quickly.

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Ok did not know that. However i have postet this days ago and first now a respond. 

However not a answer to my question. Why cant u look Into it and answer? I dont expect u too  fix it, beause i Know u cant.

I am a player and i only make u aware of a problem. U say each and every time too post om forum. Insted of sending a Ticket.

Now Will u get back to me whit a answer ?

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