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L2 Store needs to change

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I have been here playing L2 since the prelude days.

Spent some money on the L2 store in the past, some money on the various random event boxes, etc. but I am not a big spender.

I finally got tired of spending any money on the L2 store random event boxes & it has probably been close to 2 years now since I have last spent money on any such type of event.

Anymore, if I am going to spend any money, I want to know I am getting something in return & I am sure I am not alone here.


Ncsoft needs to get rid of all of this random event stuff & just put the items in the store to sell.

Since the cloak event is going on, I will use that as an example, but this could apply to 90% of all of Ncsoft events.

With this so called event, I would be willing to spend some money if I could log into the store, & actually see something like:


+7 Cloak for x amount of nccoin

+8 Cloak for x amount of nccoin

+9 Cloak for x amount of nccoin......etc.


If the actual event items were in the store & at reasonable, prices, then I would consider spending some money again.

But as long as everything just keeps being a random chance where an item you want could cost $100 - $5000, then my money is better spent on other things.



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These things doesn't work the way you think they are... there is zero reason for them to sell ready-made items, first because it's not so profitable and second you'll get much bigger outcry.

Login, few clicks and you're fully geared. The servers are dead as they are, but it will be insta-death if that even actually happens. The randomness keeps things somehow interesting for the spenders and keeps the rest far off any top items.


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1 minute ago, mixa said:

there is zero reason for them to sell ready-made items,


You are probably right, there is zero reason for them to do that as long as people are willing to spend money on the random stuff

. Guess that just means there is also zero reason for me to spend more money on L2. I just refuse to do the whole gamble thing anymore.

but good luck to those that do still spend.

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the problem isnt the gamble part... is the high prices... 2000 ncoin for an item that gives 5% chance of sucess... this is way too much ridiculous... u can pay 50 hero coin too... but to get 50 hero coin u need to buy 4k ncoin... so if u want get closer to sucess u need atleast 20 scrolls to get closer to 65-70% chance of sucess.... 20 scrolls is 80k ncoin.... 80k ncoin = 1k dolars to make 1 cloak legendary... thats ridiculous insane imo... 

edit: but hey... if ppl continue buying, it means they dont care.... if players dont care... ncsoft will suck all their money while they can...

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For me too, gambling is something which keeps me away from l2store, but I think we're in minority. I am amazed how much money people spend on those random loot boxes, scrolls etc, but as long as they are willing to do that, nothing will change.

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