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A future event to replace what went wrong?

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Marcos    0
25 minutes ago, Marcos said:

Do you of the dev team think of doing some event to give xp to replace what went wrong? 


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mixa    443

They already addressed it, there will be no compensation for anything, since barely anything happned.

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Xess    1


Hello All,

I have been reading all of your replies in this thread and looking into different options with the current 15th Anniversary event. The dev team requested that we quickly remove the cake raid event to prevent further instability and abuse on the Classic Servers. I tried spawning the Fioti NPC manually today, but there was no message prompt for claiming a reward or the instant XP/SP. The Fioti NPC seems to be directly tied to your character's participation in the Cake Raid. I will ask the Dev team if they can adjust the raid without the top rewards, while only granting the XP/SP. In the meantime, we plan to add a compensation pack to the store next week. Apologies again for these recent changes to the event!

Best Regards,


compensation pack incoming

he will ask dev to fix just for xp/sp but final decision is from the dev

so pray hard they will give what we want

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