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Where to get recipes


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hey Guys,

Where to get D-grade soulshots/blessed spiritshots and C-grade aswel ?

I've tried to spoil them from mobs which should have 2% chance, yet ended up with like 20 necklace recipes and 0 D-soulshot rec.

Thanks for advice.

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On 30/6/2019 at 10:28 PM, Cld said:


here u can find most info you need

The page now not show what moster drop recipe soulshots C, spiritshot C and Blessed spiritshots C, could anyone confirm if the recipes was removed from those mosters or update what moster drops those recipes, dwarfs whos actully got that recipe can monopolize them, please anyone post it

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If its any help i remember the drops for SSC recipe ( as listed in the L2.Wiki ):
Theres NO spoil. Only Drop.

- Dailaon Lad - Alligators Island - DROP - ( 0.05 - 0.5% )

- Tamlin Orc Archer - Hunters Valley - DROP -  (0.05 - 0.5% )

- Snipe - Cruma - DROP - ( 0.5 - 1% )

The rates for the first 2 might not be 100% accurate but they are more or less that.

If anynoe remembers drop/spoils for the rest of the recipes (D/C/B/A ), post ?

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I was able to spoil a SSD Recipe at Ol Mahum Reserve in Partisans Hideaway.

Be aware that in L2 Classic , that crap mob is named now as: Ol Mahum Support Troop !!! Have fun !

Chance 1/66 acording to PMfun: lineage.pmfun.com , the oldest database ever. There are huuuuuuge lacks of information over the internet ! We're on a high tech civilization for nothing, that's the true :)

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