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Changing the Force System.


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Good Morning (Using Google Translator)

Well, even after NCsoft improved Sigel to PVE, and improved Sigel to better attract mobs and etc, people have again ignored Sigel for the maximum number of DDs, the only class they will ever ignore is the Healer and the Iss, one on which depend on the cure and the other on which depend on the buff. I have already entered party rooms and the people ignore and still send message stating wanting DD, before they were even adding, but, in this mania of wanting to finish the quest as fast as possible, ignoring the class with ultra-low damage like Sigel, became routine, so what would be my proposal:


1 - Every class has a force skill, we activate it, when in a party has differentiated class, the union of this force activates lvl 3, giving more P.Atak and M.Atak. But Iss does not have Force. Then my idea would be the following, Iss to have the Force of Iss that it would be the link of everything, since, no party can exist without the presence of a Iss, because depending on the quest, two Iss can do the service even from Healer, and thus, even the Healer in some quest are harmed.

2 - The force of Iss would not give a bonus, but it would be the link, anyone who likes HQ knows that there is the myth of the trinity of DC, and could create this, Healer, Iss and Sigel are support in the game, so I thought, for that does not make this more obvious? And with that, the Iss having a force, could create this deeper link in the party, ie, the force bonus will only activate when you have the 3 together. How it would work, if in a quest put two Iss, rejecting the Healer, but keeping a Sigel or not, the force would not activate. If in a quest they put a Iss and a Healer, since it requires a greater healing power, and does not have a Sigel, force them would not activate the bonus, they would always have the 3 class together, and Ncsoft could very well improve the bonuses given.

3 - Improve the bonus given, since, I never understood the reason for the force of Sigel give P.Atack, if it is a class of defense. Then it would improve the bonus, the bonus would not only give P.Ack, M.Atack, Atack Speed and Casting Speed, it would also give P. Defense and M. Defense. So when these players who only love to put the maximum number of DDs and forget to put a Sigel, or when they have a quest that use two Iss, the bonuses will not be activated, and it would be good to be a good bonus to make the player think two times whether or not.

Well, it's just a suggestion.

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Guest Duardin

I support all written above and I add my suggestion for making forces and Dual HP passive skills and always switched ON. I don't believe someone not need them. So why they should be switchable, when everybody use them all the time?

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On 8/21/2018 at 10:14 PM, LordDragnil said:

You speak about nubs, and speak as one of them.
Sigel is one of most powerful classes in game. You just need to realize your strength.

Well, in another post he was saying that wynn classes are too op in pvp, so there's that...

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