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Circlet Upgrade


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ofc it will come on the store soon.

They gave a free (idk how much it was worth to have a +5 normal circlet) to every single alt we may have forgotten after enabling the no limit clients and now the 7 limit clients. I don't believe that they do things as such without a sizable benefit for them and the casino marketing scheme they have implemented works exactly like this.

Give the customer the sense of winning and you will milk them for ever. So yea, expect a circlet event soon after they fix lag issues.

Also expect a new circlet, maybe even more powerfull for the emo end game players that want to have that little way extra than casuals.

At the same time I am thinking that soon we will be introduced to the brooch event again, since we all have a bunch of lv.2 now.

And last but not least, I expect the quest that will give us all r110 armor and weapons  (normal) so that we feel inclined to spend on NCstore and take them to +10/limited etc.





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