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Crash... ?


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8 hours ago, Katiyana said:

@Juji  I want enjoy xp boost, but I'm all the time crashing.... This is turning very very annoying... ?, Plzzz find a solution, ty

On my desktop it crashes all the time, but on the laptop it never crashes....

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11 hours ago, Mystikal said:

You probably need to /flushdns on your PC. Google it or go to your operating system's help section for steps. They might even have a video on YouTube how to do that. Good luck.

Flushing DNS has nothing to do with the Client. Stop posting the same shit on questions we cannot resolve.

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1 hour ago, Mystikal said:

To hell with you. Stop being such a bleep when people are just trying to offer help. 

It would be better that you know what you are talking about to assist people, not some posting the same things over the same problem without knowing it actually cannot resolve the problem! I saw your posts copy the exact same matter to others who have this issue. I wonder if you even use Windows 10 or not since Windows 7 is going to retire soon just so you know.

Ah and by the way, this is how NCSOFT answered me: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvZNOQuwmQx1gRd0sP68JJJn47ZY?e=dBvtYT

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