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Multiboxing - Randomly Disconnects only ONE of characters

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Tetsuo    57

Hey Everyone!

So after a 3-4 month break i logged back onto my two characters and started some farming (FYI i had to install the new launcher).

What i do is:
a. Log into launcher with account A. Open Lineage 2 and select Character
b. Log out of launcher and then log into account B. Open Lineage 2 and select Character
c. Party them up then start some farming

What is happening is really strange. Randomly one of my accounts will get logged out during my farming. Sometimes its within 10 minutes of both accounts being up, sometimes its 4-5 hours later. I have no clue what is going on. Sometimes its account a that will disconnect, sometimes its b. Never have both accounts been logged out at the same time, and it seems that when having just one account active/online the disconnect never occurs.

I am not getting emails regarding someone trying to log into my account either.

Resolution attempts:
a. Reinstall launcher
b. Reinstall game
c. Low quality mode

Can anyone please help? Its really frustrating and i just want to play without disruption.

My PC:
AMD 3700x
16GB DDR4 @ 3400mhz

Thanks :)

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Semti    3

I sometimes get this problem if

A) 'Optimize Performance' is checked. While it's on, it seems that any window that doesn't have focus will sometimes dc

B) There is no input from the client to the server for a while. For example, a buffer with /delay 1200 in macro will occasionally dc


It's worth trying to run the clients in windowed mode side by side, and keeping optimize performance off. GL!

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Tetsuos    4

Alright, im legitimately done with this game, it has become unbearable.
I cant leave my duo going for 1 hour without having to worry 1 has DCed...

RIP Lineage 2. Your servers are absolute garbage.

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