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Distant memory


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My far distant memory when I made my toon was when I was like level 40+ and I meet my first leader BeYa in Hunters Village. He invited me then to Memoria clan. Since then so much time passed and so many things happened in Lineage 2. I think it was back in Interlude when I started playing here with you guys. Love Orange.

Share your past memories about this game and your first impressions. :)

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Nice topic!

1st thing i can recall back on Luna getting my Sword of Ipos for my beloved SwS... a grade weapons were a thing back then :D

Funny moment on Sayha (dead at the time we transferred and ruled by RR/Life) trying to kill Valakas at 3 AM and getting mass dcs so we needed to start over, luckily no1 noticed xD

The Caravan Quest and hunting down Celtus every 2 hrs. That mofing Citadel quest that took like 4 hrs.

Then Luna again and 1st Freya with Yoj's pt (SwS always had a spot in any pt :D ).

When Naia emerged joined SH with my cp (pandora/morfeasII/belde) and had great times. The one I can strongly remember was a 3-4 hr Baium fight with Advol and Promi pt, where our cp also got the ring.

Last but not least all the nab BDs i have encountered , that I wanna forget.


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Beeing in Hearbreakers clan on Franz, starting Baium, fight over it, had no time so i had to sleep and work the next day, but when i came home from work they were still fighting over it! damn, we won tho. xD


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1. soloing as an elven knight in 20+ zones.

2. event where shadow weapons drop; got a spear and tried to make train; got laughed at cus as they say im an elf and have low dmg :D

3. meant to be a temple knight; had problems with class change quest and ended up being  a sword singer

4. still soloing as an SwS. no idea. my 1st mmo

13 years later im still here in L2 :D

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