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Two party team.


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I'm going to be playing Lineage 2 for the first time whenever the creation server is back up. (I'm playing classic for now.)  I was going to make an ISS for sure but I wondered what other class would be good to team up with them.  I figure I was going to run the game on two different computers.  Desktop/laptop.  I've read there are macro.   Also what race and class into ISS is good?  I've read that ISS can't solo the higher you get so I'd like the other class to compliment them.

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Archer/Eviscerator as a DD and I would advise u to make an ISS dominator. exp the domi till its 105 and then u can have buffs on ur main WITHOUT the buffer being in party. Domi gives clan buffs so basically ur main would farm solo AND still have buffs. It should be easy to get both in a clan via clan entry or u can just make ur own. hope it helps.

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It's not that ISS can't solo, it's that it's very slow and inefficient soloing with them relative to other classes. Plus, up until around 105 you'll need to hunt in areas where hundreds of other players either have ranged toons (archers, storm screamers) one-shotting everything, or really fast fighter DDs (Evisc, daggers) one-to-two-shotting everything. An ISS won't be able to get to mobs before they're dead. So parties are still the best way to go for most ISS, unless you're really rich.

As for which race of ISS to choose, the Classes thread on this forum pretty much covers everything. Worth a look. 



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