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Adena Amount/Drop Rate

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Remember before the last update that there were rumors that the adena and ''item/material'' drop/amount rate was gonna be affected if u had no VP? On other regions that applies if im not mistaken..

And u said that ''why people always assume we get everything an update has''?

Anyways, since the adenas drop/amount rate is as shi**y as it is now, r u sure u didnt apply that feature(low to no adenas drop from mobs when u got no Vitality) WITHOUT applying the bonus whilst on VP? Is it supposed to be normal with a Prestige Rune +300% adena amount to get at Field of Silence(109lvl area) 20k adenas per mob?

@Juji@Hime@EmperorLeto@PhoenixMitra or any willing to pay SOME attention!@@!!

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