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Prolonging XP/SP/Adena/Drop/Raid boss boxes event

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I'd like to suggest prolonging the event that brought many players out of town and kept them farming.
If you do get out of town and look at any area it seems to be crowded.
Players are enjoying the current rates and I believe that if they're kept the same it will bring the player base up and active people as well.

It also seems like it's solving recent economic issues of the server, where nothing was selling and nobody was buying anything due to lack of Adena.
With these rates players are now able to make decent amount of Adena to cover their daily expenses and even save up to purchase items.

Raid bosses dropping accessory boxes have increased the raid boss competition and brought more activity. I believe that it'd be a great idea to keep this in the drop table.
This would encourage players to create balanced sides and fight for raid bosses, also considering most epic bosses are around lvl40 and the player base is above 76 then I believe this should be the temporary way to compete for epics at this stage of the server.
Perhaps after upgrading raid bosses to lvl80 it would make sense to remove these boxes from the drop table

I am convinced that the rates given by this event combined with the PvE buff given from 16th anniversary are very good and encourage players to be active and play Lineage 2 especially during the quarantine.

Also, the Baium Festival event is a great step to implementing daily instances to keep the players active and giving them something to do on a daily basis. Please continue adding such features to the classic server

Some areas still need adjustment. For example:

  1. Lair of antharas- spawn rate is very fast since last update, adena is less than any other high level area and it's not as rewarding as other places. FI mobs are giving x10 times more adena than mobs in Lair of Antharas and mobs in FI are 10 times easier. Please consider changing the drop table.
  2. Varka/Ketra - Areas seem to be deserted as the mobs are not rewarding enough for players to farm there, the exp is lower than other high areas and the drops/adena also lower please look into it
  3. Forgotten Island (party zone) - mobs are way too scattered, it'd make it easier to farm if the mobs spawn is fix in groups of 10-15 mobs in 900 range of a center.
  4. Implementing new zones with S grade drops. Gemstones S, Enchants, Weapons, Armors, Recipes and parts S grade should become available to be obtained without having to do Tombs of Ancient Pirates. Please consider populating zones that already exist in the game such as (Valley of Saints, Beast Farm, Monastery of Silence and others) with monsters that can be fought to farm S grade items.

Lastly, I'd like to thank you for taking in consideration our demands and making efforts to improve the quality of Lineage 2 Classic.


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With that adena boost it really feels like you can farm pretty well without worrying about shots (together with all additions like shots tickets etc). We need this staying for a longer period of time/constantly.


It also feels like those events rewards focus only on specific items (drop a lot of stable ewa, advanced stable ewa) but don't give all the range of rewards you can get. Also where are the Improved EAA's everyone was looking for?

As there are many new players it would be also great to have again cloth pieces dropping from those rolls of dice. A newbie wouldn't need white assassin's scroll or feather (in case feathers gonna get deleted). The PVE buff is great but given the current dc issues some people are facing it's very annoying to get close to lvl 3 and then get dc. Can you shorten the period of buff to like 3-4 hours instead of 8?

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For the first time in the entire existence of classic my main group is farming more adena per hour than my lowbie group. This means I can actually use shots on my mains and I can stop running the lowbie group. Since I can use shots on ALL my DPS (real dps excluding sws/wc/bd) the hard hitting nature of the 8x mobs is nullified a good amount. It's been amazing and I dread the return to the old rates.

The current adena drop rate/amount is close (a bit more in drop amount average) to what the other official classic versions had/have. For whatever reason NcSoft severely nerfed the adena drop rate/amount for the NA classic server. This was something that people were angry about from day one of classic.

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I love (serioussarcasm) how I have to buy a brooch via L2coin because I leveled up prior to the brooch quest being added. I went back to try to get it and I can't because level cap :(

My lowbie parties all have brooches and can use jewels....

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