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  1. ppl ask and they give changes to limit pk chars and then add this bullshit fiest, dont even need to pk ppl.. all server clanless no need skills or unity or clan arena ols qq
  2. Who approved this nonsense? 1s day after patch all who can already left their clans and clan leaders waiting to switch it to box clan, complete nonsense you can agro white people to attack and flag on you.
  3. When outdated systems will be fixed??? Tower of Insolence got changed and tower of insolence energy monster was deleted making tower of insolence talisman obsolete or at least ability to obtain it obsolete. Blood crystal. Gludio siege disabled and crystals from clan arena is not enough to learn clan skills, its just completely ridiculous without proper system.
  4. People who play at top levels almost all have full gear and lack only p2w items and top epics. Epic, priests drop only dolls and epics and even those are rare drops. Thing is that only items needed are p2w, rare enchants and top epics which most of are obtained from events and loot boxes. Bad or too rare events = market dead. Past lootbox events there very bad, middle tear rewards had very low chances and a lot of ppl ended up getting just fruits, no enchants, no cloth pieces nothing. When people count they understand that is better not to even try because its very risk ris
  5. if you play solo then play whatever you want, maybe get bd also
  6. what happened to item/skill icons after new patch???
  7. its because actual server model is that you spend eur on shot tickets in nc store, rationaly top zones is where its hard and no way you can farm with box party thats where adena should drop the highest but adena rates are untouched from start of server when everyone cried that they cant start game because of abyssmal rates, thats why so many bots farm low level zones
  8. you should always first ask friendly people on server like streamer spree on his stream if you should trade if you dont know
  9. Will any future update get increase in skill/debuff levels?? Now maximum level is 90 and still many classes has old debuffs with max level 78/77
  10. This would probably be for future update buts ADD MORE ATR ZONES like forgotten island Remake ketra/varka/hotsprings/imperial tomb and other high level zones to have attribute weakpoints, even tower of insolence has atr weakpoint other zones are clearly outdated.
  11. IS THIS STILL GOING ON ??????????????? How none gms have banned theese guys already is beyond me no wonder giran is light even during login event...
  12. Did we time traveled back to 2010 when playing from Europe in USA was impossible? 2 years i played without big problems. what did you do? change your ISP? did you cut back on better connect because servers started to make less money? but now you wonder why half europeans who are lagging and getting lag spikes and constant disconnects stop play and stop spend
  13. having some 1 party instanced versions with like 0.5% drop of epic is not bad
  14. 3. dwarves then everyone just roll points on dwarves, not a solution 5. not a thing 6.autohunt is live/essence adapted and not adapted to classic 8.maybe s gems in random craft.. 9.pointless illegal server events which would end after main guys start go to them 10.adena dice was anniversary event (the biggest event), anyway all other event drops lists could be more up to date
  15. repost your post here in suggetions for devs thread https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/19373-tales-untold-feedback-collection-classic/
  16. There is huge gap between players who never stopped playing and those who did a break regarding promo items there needs to be action taken regarding this. Even between those all time players exist huge power gaps because of the BROKEN TRANSFORMATION system. How transformations are acquired is completely ridiculous. Why 20lvl farmer chars get same 1 transform fragment as level 80 char for daily mission? Why farmers with huge amounts of low chars get unfair advantage in this ? Why promo boxes no longer include random/high/legendary random transformation boxes? Why when you add transform "pro
  17. When you gonna fix summon name bug???? 2nd update it still exist
  18. Request devs to unlock full essence starter quest line up to lvl 40 ~~ now we have quests until aden talisman
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